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Home Networking Made Easy – Part 2

Cisco recently announced the intent to acquire Pure Networks, a Seattle-based leader in home networking-management software and tools. Earlier this week, I was able to catch up with Chris Dobrec, Senior Director of World Wide Strategy and Business Development of the Linksys division at Cisco, to get further insight into how the acquisition of Pure Networks will bring Cisco customers an easy to manage home networking system. Chris gives specific examples of how home networking will be made easier for the consumer and defines the transition from Home Networking 1.0 to Home Networking 2.0. Read More »

U.S. Open of Surfing

I’m in Huntington Beach, CA for the weekend to attend The U.S. Open of Surfing. Originally from southern California, this is not my first time attending the event, but it is my visit with a Cisco perspective and I have to say that the U.S. Open of Surfing and Go211 have visual networking covered! Go211 is an action sports community that is also producing a live webcast of the U.S. Open of Surfing. The webcast provides an epic view of the action to the other surfers around the world who couldn’t join us in Huntington. Check out this short video of Chris Ward surfing this afternoon and notice how the experience is captured for the webcast on the big screen. Read More »

Home Networking Made Easy

Yesterday Cisco announced the intent to acquire Pure Networks. This acquisition will allow Cisco to provide a complete home networking system that will be the EASY to set up, manage, organize, secure and use for you and I. The easy factor of home networking is HUGE! The idea of a ‘connected life’ can only be complete if it includes the home, and I for one am often hesitant to step up to the plate when technology seems too complicated. Stacey Higginbotham a blogger at GigaOm wrote yesterday on Cisco’s entrance into the home networking market,”Cisco has already tried to address this trend by using Pure’s technology in its Linksys Easy Link Advisor program, which was introduced on Linksys routers in April and is aimed at making it easier to manage multiple PCs and equipment. Today’s acquisition was driven, in part, by vendor and consumer satisfaction with those routers.”To help paint a better picture of what home networking is, I will follow up next week with a video interview with Chris Dobrec, Director of World Wide Strategy and Business Development at Linksys. Chris will provide further details on the many benefits Cisco can now provide for the consumer. But for now, I aim to make you smile with a video showing exactly what home networking IS NOT-enjoy 😆 Read More »

HaaS – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Service

What do satellite dishes, DVRs and mobile phones have in common? (Pause) They all started out as consumer electronic products and have evolved into a service.When satellite dishes were 6′ in diameter and new, you’d see them in remote areas without normal TV-and the backyards of the wealthy. But they were hard to use -you had to get a schedule of what program was on what satellite when -and then aim your satellite at the appropriate bird and tune to the right frequency. In spite of the investment (and no or low cost access), as soon as satellite television became available as a service -with free dishes and tuners, home installation, and program guides -those 6′ dishes turned into rusting relics as the owners opted for a service as a solution.When DVRs were new (Replay and Tivo both launched at the same CES in (date)), the early adopters rushed out to get them -and were amazed at the convenience of random access to recorded programming with a list of named programs vs cryptic video tapes covered with scrawled names and illegible counter numbers. After misguided marketing that focused on”pausing live TV” (once you have a DVR, who watches live TV anyway), where are we today? More than 95% of all DVRs are”leased” from the service provider. Sure a $400 Tivo has some cool features, but not enough to trump the benefits of a leased DVR from the service provider. Read More »

Sony and Microsoft Include Online Movie Rental Feature in Gaming Consoles

The gaming console industry is gaining traction in the online movie and TV market with the entrance of two new competitors. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that XBox 360 users can now rent and buy movies and TV shows online through a partnership established with Netflix. Microsoft will join the arena in close timing with Sony’s announcement to enable similar capabilities for Playstation 3 and PSP. This is a step into direct competition with AppleTV and Vudu, in addition to the set-top based VOD services currently being offered, like what you would receive from Cisco or Comcast. Check out this video produced by CNet, “How to watch Netflix movies on your Xbox 360.” Read More »