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Visual Networking in Action at

Question: What did Cisco say to surfers when they asked,”What is Visual Networking?” Answer: Early last week I attended the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach California. The event and surfing are perfect examples of visual networking and the effect video can have on an entire sports industry. My first interview of the trip was with the legendary Sean Collins, President, Chief Surf Forecaster, Founder of, and one of the most recent inductees into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame. The Surfers’ Hall of Fame credits Collins for”pioneering and creating the first ongoing surf forecast available to the surfing public via Surfline and 976-SURF in 1985. He developed the very first live “Surfcam” in 1996, the precedent for the worldwide camera network available on today.” is a surfer’s dream because you can watch the surf conditions of your favorite beach break directly from the home page, via mounted Surfcams around the globe. The ability to,”Know before you go” is an opportunity that has revolutionized the surfing industry. On you can also find the latest contest highlights, surf forecasts, blogs, news, and many other features that engage surfers via Visual Networking. Check out this video of Sean Collins describing how all started. Read More »

Visual Networking and ‘The Evolution of Dance’

Earlier today I spoke with Ken Wirt, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Cisco. I wanted to follow up with Ken after reading a recent article from PC Magazine entitled, “œThe Dawn of Visual Networking.” Ken uses the popularity of the video, “œEvolution of Dance,” to show how visual networking has propelled this video into the top ranks of online video. While we may be at the ‘dawn of visual networking,’ I’d say the evolution thus far looks pretty promising. We’ll hear back from Ken in the next couple of days, but for now enjoy the video…:cheese: Read More »

The Future of Online Dating w/Mashable’s Pete Cashmore

We continue to tackle the meaty issues of the day here at the Cisco consumer blog. :cheese: Today’s topic: How would online dating change with video integrated into popular dating sites like, or social networks like Facebook to create a true visual networking experience? This was the topic of discussion for part three of our recent sit down with Pete Cashmore from Mashable. Nothing better than listening to three grown men talk about how video will increase online dating “conversion rates”. Here’s how I think it would change:1. Fewer surprises….40 year olds wouldn’t be able to post their high-school yearbook photos as part of their profile.2. More trial/less error. You can think of a brief video snippet as an audition for a date. This will allow a prospective partner to cover a lot more ground and increase the chances that they will meet someone in person who is truly a good match.3. It would be funnier. Imagine people having to create their own video introductions. I’m sure some would be very smooth, others boring, and a large % would be very awkward and funny. Basically it would be similar to the experience of meeting people in-person for the first time.At the end of the clip I share my brilliant idea for a Facebook/Evite mash-up that would allow a person to check out who is attending (via video clip) a party in advance to determine if they would want to attend.View Michael Kisch's profile on LinkedInTo learn more about visual networkingCheck out Cisco Digital Cribs.

Technology Pet Peeves w/ Mashable’s Pete Cashmore

Sat down for a discussion with Pete Cashmore from Mashable and my colleague Scott Brown from our Media Solutions Group to discuss our biggest technology pet peeves.My biggest pet peeve has to do with not being able to get access to the internet. This is becoming even more acute as I spend more of my time online and more of my devices are hooking to the network. 5 minutes before posting this I couldn’t get into YouTube to post the video and I got really pissed off. Probably time to take up yoga again.A short clip of our discussion with Pete.If you have your own pet peeves and want to vent go to the Cisco Conversation HubRegister for Cisco’s upcoming web series Digital Cribs.View Michael Kisch's profile on LinkedIn

Future of Online Video w/Mashable’s Pete Cashmore

Second part of our discussion with Pete Cashmore from Mashable. This one focused on the future of online video. Scott Brown from our Media Solutions Group makes some good points about how people want to be able to interact with their content and with others who share the same passion for that content. Good insights into the future marriage between professional and user generated content.Check out the video:If you have your own thoughts on the future of online video, let us know at the Cisco Conversation Hub.Cisco Consumer WebsiteView Michael Kisch's profile on LinkedIn