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Video On-Demand: The DOS of TV?

You can’t argue with more choice of HD channels and higher data speeds. The selection and convenience of On-Demand is great too, but as Borat would say about the interface-.”not so much.” What is with the character limits on the movie/program titles? They can ship me a multi-gigabyte HD movie, but the title is something like”Harold/K 2 (Un)”? What is this — “Harold and Maude” or “Harold and Kumar” or Harold Kills Maude” or … Or when I finish watching one episode of 13 in a Showtime series (that I devour like a starving man snacking on hors d’oevers) -I can’t just go to the next episode, I have to”exit, re-enter On-Demand, rechoose premium channels, select Showtime, select series, and then page down to the series again.” Reminds me of going back to a command line interface like DOS once you’re used to using a graphic interface like Windows or the Mac. But is a cryptic antique looking interface and numerous button presses the price we have to pay to access what we want when we want it? I hope not.

Cisco SXSW Panel 2009

It’s only August ’08, but it’s already time to start planning for South by Southwest Interactive March ’09. For those of you who haven’t been — Austin is an amazing place where culture and technology meet beer and boots. Mike Kisch and I (Ken Wirt) will be talking about visual networking and the impact of networked digital video on consumers and how it will change the home. For a good time, some good ‘Q, and a horizon-expanding experience (especially if you also stay for the music festival), make your plans for Austin next March!

Visual Networking Can Help You Achieve Your Work-Life Balance

A work-life balance is something desired in any occupation. The increased use of visual networking in business and our personal lives has made a work-life balance achievable. I recently spoke with Ken Wirt, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Cisco and Sean Collins, President and Chief Forecaster of on the topic. Check out their opinions in the videos below. Read More »

Talking Visual Networking w/Mashable’s Pete Cashmore

Our final chat with Pete Cashmore from Mashable was on the topic of online video and social networking converging to form new visual networking experiences. As both video and social networking become more pervasive we are beginning to see intersections between the two. One of the best examples to date is YouTube. Another is telepresence which Cisco and other enterprises use to simulate in-person discussions but will eventually make its way into the consumer market.Later this week I will be posting a discussion I had with Morgan Webb from WebbAlert. Should be up in a few days.Click to learn more about Visual NetworkingCheck out Cisco’s new web series Digital CribsView Michael Kisch's profile on LinkedIn

The Jonas Brothers use Visual Networking to Engage Fans

Today you can find pop sensations the Jonas Brothers using visual networking, with the help of MTV and”Diary” executive producer Marshall Eisen, to engage fans. The Jonas Brothers will begin streaming live video content of their whirlwind promotional tour for their newest album,”Just A Little Bit Longer” onto the internet in real time, while also bringing footage directly to the MTV channel. No matter the industry, be it music, sports or technology, video has become the most the most effective method to relay an experience and leave a lasting impression on the audience. When you add social networking and web 2.0 features, like blogs, to the video you get ‘visual networking.’ According to MTV, online visitors can get in on the action by posting comments on the interactive wall and throughout the day, the Jonas Brothers will answer questions from a few lucky posters and give feedback on their comments.I found the Jonas Brothers’ newest album ‘Just a Little Bit Longer’ preview on Read More »