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Digital Cribs Across the Decades

If you’ve seen the urber sophisticated and some might even say sexy Digital Cribs; it is obvious that the digital cribs we see today could not have been possible if it were not for the evolution of technology. This journey has been eloquently demonstrated in an artistic montage across the decades in the video below. Please sit back, relax and enjoy. :cheese: Read More »

Talking Visual Networking w/ WebbAlerts Morgan Webb

I had a chance to sit down via Telepresence with Morgan Webb from WebbAlert to discuss common consumer technology pet peeves. Morgan was in our LA office and I was in San Jose. This was part of a program that Cisco worked on with Federated Media. To see other common pet peeves go to cisco.federatedmedia.netClick to see the latest Digital Cribs episodes.Click to learn more about Visual Networking.

Visual Networking at Outside Lands

I don’t need to be the person to tell you that the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, held in Golden Gate Park last weekend, was a huge success :-) I can tell you that visual networking was an integral element in bringing music fans a dynamic festival experience. Last week I wrote about as an example. When you attend a festival with 130,000 other people in attendance, it becomes clear how visual networking is the best way to digitally share an experience because you are able to see and hear the instances you may have missed or you can share your own.While at Outside Lands, I was able to catch with Chad Issaq, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Superfly Productions. Check out this clip of Chad talking about the impact visual networking can have on the festival experience.

Outside Lands Elevates the Festival Experience Through Visual Networking

For those of you who don’t know about the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, it is a huge festival taking place in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco this weekend. It hosts over 60 bands including Radiohead, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and Jack Johnson. More info here. Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival partnered with Federated Media to create Crowdfire, an ongoing social network that uses visual networking to celebrate music and Outside Lands. On, you can upload and share music, video and images taken from your camera at the festival to create your own mashup and remixes. You can see a Crowdfire’s remix on their homepage. image image Read More »

Olympic Glory – You Don’t Have to Miss a Thing!

Thanks to a recent move, I now have a legitimate HDTV setup that I have been taking full advantage of over the course of the Olympic Games :cheese: (Congrats Shawn Johnson!) As a Cisco employee, I have found the Olympics even more interesting because of the company’s involvement in enabling the delivery of the content. NBC is using a Cisco network to deliver Olympics footage to viewers using online, on-demand, and mobile services. Craig Lau, vice president for Information Technology for the NBC Olympics says,”NBC is aiming to provide the Olympic experience anywhere, anyplace, anytime, using any delivery platform.” imageWe all have sports that watch more than others; the ability to search for a video based on an athlete’s name, hometown, or emotional content makes it much easier to find the video you are searching for. I’ve been using NBC’s 2008 Olympic Program page to find replays and coverage that I haven’t caught yet. image Read More »