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Dexter and the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

I didn’t use to subscribe to ShowtimeThe Sopranos and Entourage on HBO were enough for me. But last year when everything else was in reruns because of the writers’ strike, I found a great new series on CBS prime time TV –Dexter. I watched it religiously and never had an inkling until my son told me that I was a whole season behind -Dexter originated on Showtime and when season 2 started on Showtime they played an edited version of season 1 on CBS.So when I subscribed to the Comcast triple-play, I found that I could get Showtime as part of a package for less than I was paying for fewer pay channels before. So now the third season of Dexter is starting on September 28th, but I’m stuck at the end of season 1. What to do? Well, if you want to find me this week, just look for me parked weeknights in front of my digital video recorder (DVR). I’m accessing Dexter on demand and consuming two or three episodes of Dexter Season 2 every night. So if you’re in Miami when September 28th comes around, tell Dexter and Debra I’ll be ready.

Virtual Meetings = Green Visual Networking

YouTube and Animoto make visual networking tons of fun, but visual networking also delivers substantial value in the form of virtual meetings. I use virtual meetings often through Meeting Place and Cisco WebEx, mostly because I work on a team spread around the world. I caught up with a few other professionals in the Bay Area to talk about how they use virtual meetings and what they think of its value. Randy Shepard, COO, Impeva LabsJohn Davidson, Director of Marketing, Siemens Read More »

Bandwidth Caps Impact Visual Networking?

In this video Ken Wirt, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Cisco, responds to a question asked by a DigItAl Consumer reader: How do you think visual networking will be impacted by bandwidth caps? Read More »

I’m on American Airlines Flight 0178 to NYC and am surfing the internet!

I’m sitting in row 35 seat H on a very cramped airplane on its way to JFK airport in New York. Ordinarily I would be a bit grumpy right now, but before I got on the plane I saw a kiosk for American Airlines new in-flight internet service gogo. Once the flight was at cruising altitude I pulled out my laptop and accessed the in-plane wifi hotspot. A simple sign-up and $12.95 later and I have about 600k up and 150k down. Not bad. While in-flight internet has been around for a few years (ex. Connexion, Aircell) this is my first opportunity to try the service and overall I’m impressed. It certainly isn’t my Comcast Blast Service (16/2) but the convenience and access at this time are more important than the bandwidth.To test the service I’ve used my Cisco VPN, visited ESPN and watched videos on YouTubeGo to to see the latest episodes featuring Shane Battier, Meghan Asha and Lincoln Schatz.

Digital Cribs Goes Live

On September, 2nd Cisco will launch Digital Cribs, a new series of webisodes exploring the advanced use of home networks and visual networking in celebrity homes. Digital Cribs profiles interesting individuals and how they use consumer technology in interesting ways. The first three webisodes feature:Shane Battier, star of the NBA’s Houston Rockets Meghan Asha, founder of, tech blogger ( and co-star of the new Bravo reality TV series”IT Girls” Lincoln Schatz, celebrated video artist and creator of Esquire Magazine’s“Faces of the 21st Century” project Each webisode features a three minute video highlighting the celebrity and how they’ve integrated technology from their”crib” into their life. Plus, there are three other short videos featuring additional uses of the network by the celebrity. You are also able to go into their crib and click on hotspots that launch a brief video that describes the experience in more detail. The purpose of Digital Cribs is aspirational: to show mainstream consumers what they can do with set top boxes and home networks, especially for bandwidth-intensive”home network 2.0″ user experiences, like visual networking. Read More »