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Animoto takes video and slideshows to the next level

Animoto is a really cool website that allows you to create engaging and professional-quality videos from your photos and music you have online or on your computer. I immediately see the value in Animoto for advertising professionals, artists, teachers, photographers and those looking to beef up their Facebook page. The mashup of photos, music and effects produce videos like the one I made below. In total it took me about 10 minutes to complete. Let me know what you think and if you would like to share your video! Today, Animoto launched a site especially for professional photographers. Animoto for Photography allows professional photographers to easily create professional-quality videos that can be emailed, burned to DVD and resold, or distributed online via blogs, websites, social networks and mobile devices. Click here for all of the details. In this video, Animoto CEO Brad Jefferson tells Beat TV more about the company. Read More »

Data Leakage Concerns for Consumers

Christopher Burgess, senior security advisor at Cisco, talks about the results from a recent study on the behavior issues surrounding data leakage in the enterprise. In this video, Burgess elaborates on why the results of the study are important to consumers.

Threats to Consumers on the Internet

Christopher Burgess, senior security advisor at Cisco, discusses the threats consumer face on the internet, in conjunction with a recent Data Leakage Study commissioned by Cisco.

How to Avoid Vulnerabilities Online

Christopher Burgess, senior security advisor at Cisco, emphasizes the importance of censoring personal information that many of us may divulge through social networks. A recent study on data leakage, conducted by Cisco, provides additional information on the behaviors surrounding data leakage.

Digital Cribs Goes “Green” w/Graham Hill

I spent the past few days in New York on business. One of those days was spent filming the next episode of”Digital Cribs” at the home of Graham Hill, the founder of Treehugger is the worlds most popular”green” blog (3M+ unique visitors/month) and Graham is an articulate advocate for living a more sustainable life. Treehugger and it’s parent Planet Green (part of the Discovery Channel) are focused on making”green” ideas more accessible to the mainstream. He is not preachy or long-winded. He doesn’t drone on about how we should all be wearing hemp clothing or chastise those around them for not meeting his green ideals. He is a down to earth guy with a passion for reducing the footprint that humans leave on the planet earth. Graham will be the 4th episode of Digital Cribs and we expect his episode to be released in early January. We chose him not because he had the most tricked out crib with the latest gadgets but because he was using the technology that he did have to live”green”. When we first conceived the program I assure you that we never imagined that we would feature someone whose sole TV was borrowed from his employer and measured a scant 13″. But we felt that Graham was representative of a part of our audience and our commitment has been to identify people that we feel can act as guides and articulate how they have integrated consumer technology into their life. Well, that’s a taste of what’s to come. I’ve included a video from the shoot taken from Grham’s rooftop deck offering a panoramic view of the New York skyline.Click here to view the current episodes of Digital Cribs.