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Digital Cribs Stars Meghan Asha and Shane Battier Talk Blogging

We got to know video blogger Meghan Asha and Houston Rockets forward Shane Battier a little more when they gave us an inside look into their home network in the Digital Cribs webisode series. In the videos below, Meghan and Shane tell us why they love blogging in particular. A digital crib is important for people like Meghan, whose profession requires seamless connectivity for posting at a moments notice. Does your digital crib have capabilities you can’t live without OR is it a mess of wires that you might consider living with out? Either way, you have an opportunity to win US$10,000 by entering the Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell video contest before November 26, 2008. Just submit a three-minute video of your ‘digital heaven’ or ‘digital hell’ at for the world to view and rate your video. Click here for the terms and conditions. Read More »

Visual Networking is Key for Presidential Candidates

I love using video on this blog as much as possible. It helps communicate messages easily and video is more fun to digest, rather than loads of text. Visual Networking isn’t just in reference to videos on YouTube or video chat online; it is the activity of communicating through video over the network, no matter the context. Our presidential candidates have impressively capitalized on visual networking. The results of a visual networking pulse survey were released earlier today. Take a look at a few of the stats below and you will see that those participating in visual networking throughout the election are more in tune with the goings on of the presidential race.

Online video users appear more engaged in the 2008 presidential election than their non-online video user counterparts62 percent of online video users, as opposed to 37 percent of non-online video users, follow the presidential election closely68 percent of online video users, as opposed to only 47 percent of non-online video users, followed both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

While I do watch the debates and follow commentary, the videos derived from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner were by far the most entertaining for me. What is your favorite video from this election? Let us know in the comment section :-)


Today Cisco is announcing the Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell video contest that offers participants a chance to win $10,000 for showing their angeliclly simple or devilishly desasterous Digital Crib. To enter the contest, all you need to do is submit a 3 minute video showing: a.) Digital Heaven: Your home network is full of interesting and unique uses of consumer technology. ORb.) Digital Hell: Your devices do not connect or communicate with ease, wires are flying all over the place, and the media are not easily shared across the home network.If you can classify your home network in either category, this might be the easiest way for you to make $10k AND brush up on your video skills! You can enter the contest online through Nov. 26, 2008. The video submissions will be posted on the contest Website at for the public to view and rate from Oct. 28 through Dec. 5, 2008. Winners will be determined by the number of views, average rating and a panel of judges from Cisco. In this video, Mike Kisch, consumer marketing director at Cisco, kicks off the contest with this very thematic and informative video-

Digital Cribs Q&A with Shane Battier

Shane Battier’s Digital Cribs webisode first debued in early September on Last week, we were able to catch up with the Houston Rockets forward for a Digital Cribs ‘status update’ and received some home networking advice from the pro: Cisco: Do you have any technology on your wish list?SB: I am anxiously awaiting the new Blackberry Storm. I am a blackberry guy, not so much an iPhone guy. I am also building a new home and am excited to use solar and wind power generators.Cisco: Are there any additions you’ve made to your crib since the taping?SB: Since the taping of the piece, my wife and I have welcomed Zeke Edward to the world. I am currently using the Pure Digital Flip Video to record every step of fatherhood. It’s so convenient. I buy them for all the new fathers I know.Cisco: If you had to pick two pieces of technology from your home that you couldn’t live without, what would they be and why?SB: I cannot live without my Linksys router. When watching a game on tv, I have to have real-time stats on my laptop. It’s a must (especially during fantasy football). I will never give up my Playstation 3. After all the travel and stress of the NBA, I like to turn my mind off for a half hour and just play mindless video games once and a while.Cisco: What resources do you use to learn about new technology you might be interested in for you home?SB: I try to read different websites like,, and I also will read Popular Mechanics magazine.Cisco: How has your home network changed the way you live your life and the way you see the world?SB: I never watch the evening news, there is too much bad news; however my home network allows me to follow current events and get different angles on the issues facing our world today in a way that is much different than getting my news from the evening news alone.Shane Battier’s Digital Crib: Q&A continued on next page…More on Digital Cribs: You can view the Digital Cribs of Nonsociety blogger Meghan Asha and video artist Lincoln Schatz at www.digitalcribs.comFollow the Digital Cribs Friend Feed Read More »

Digital Cribs goes to Film School

At the early stages of the development of Digital Cribs we knew that we wanted to do a project with several leading film schools to see how aspiring filmakers would interpret the”Digital Cribs” mission. We very quickly settled on two of the top programs in the world, NYU Kanbar Institute of Film & Television and USC School of Cinematic Arts.I recently visited both campuses to attend the students treatment pitches. For two days I felt like a high-powered production executive with the ability to greenlight a project or doom it to an early death. This feeling of power was short-lived when I couldn’t find anyone to get me a soy, double mocha latte or secure me a reservation at the Rainbow Room or the Ivy. Nothing brings you back to earth faster than realizing you don’t have any”people” to do your bidding. Alas I returned to my normal life as a Cisco marketer.A project like this is fraught with uncertainty. You’re relinquishing control (and final edit) and placing it in the hands of a group of people that certainly have potential for great things and budding capabilities, but lack the inate understanding of the program and the eventual audience. On the other hand, you are able to release the creative energy of a diverse group of emerging storytellers capable of taking the program in a fresh new direction. The problem is that at the outset you have no idea which of these two outcomes you’re going to get. As a result it gets a little stressful.Thankfully I was very impressed by the performance of the students. They were able to develop compelling story arcs and pitch their ideas in creative ways. Most impressive was the casting decisions that the students had made. By leveraging their personal networks and in some cases cold calling strangers they were able to line up an impressive list of subjects including:1. An Emmy award winning composer2. A New York Times best selling author3. An up and coming Hollywood director4. A rap group on the rise5. A popular comedianetc.The students have until mid-December to complete and submit their final film. In total they will create (16) episodes. To determine the winners from each school we will be hosting community voting on the Digital Cribs site from mid-December to the end of January. Prize money awarded will be proportional to the percentage of votes that each film receives from visitors to the site.Click here to check out the current episodes of Digital Cribs.