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Visual Networking Allows You Surf in Paradise

Mark Brindle’s winning video, “Mike Cotton’s Digital Crib,” in the Cisco and Filmaka Digital Cribs video contest shows that you don’t need to quit your day job and disconnect from those you love to surf epic waves in Indonesia (or anywhere for that matter). What you do need, is a network that can take you there by enabling visual networking experiences.This video is a huge inspiration for me because Mike allows what he loves to dictate the way he lives his life-not work. Check out how Mike Cotton uses visual networking on his home network to run a cafe, keep his day job, and surf as much as possible. Visual networking is something we talk about often at Cisco because it is the future. Data shows that the use of these technologies is increasing at an incredible rate. Stay tuned for news that will improve visual networking experiences in your home- Read More »

Healthcare 2.0

We have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of web 2.0 technologies on our lives, in particularly the way we approach our healthcare. There are a number of web 2.0 healthcare sites available; however the widespread adoption of industry parishioners and consumers is still an overstatement. Below is a short clips taken at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco last month. Daniel Kraft, researcher and M.D. at Stanford, discusses using web 2.0 technologies in the healthcare industry and how he envisions it evolving. Read More »

Cisco and Filmaka Announce Winners of the Digital Cribs Video Contest For Aspiring Filmmakers

Today Cisco and Filmaka announce the winners of the Digital Cribs video contest, specifically for the global Filmaka community. Nearly 100 aspiring filmmakers submitted three-minute videos showcasing a ‘Digital Crib‘ ( a.k.a – a crib with a uniquely designed home network and attention-grabbing uses of consumer technology.) Ten brand winners and 10 viewers’ choice winners were selected. The winning videos will be featured on this blog and you can also view them directly at Filmaka.comYou should know, that is not too late to win a Digital Cribs video contest yourself! There are just a two days left to enter the Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell video contest for a chance to win $10,000. Digital Cribs:Heaven or Hell is open to technology enthusiasts 18 and over. Simply upload a three-minute video showcasing your ‘digital heaven’ or ‘digital hell’ on The winning videos will have received the highest number of views and votes. Click here for all the details. You can view and vote for your favorite Digital Cribs videos or just check out your competition here. Enjoy two of the winning Filmaka Digital Cribs video submissions below and get ready to share your Digital Crib with the rest of us! “œRobin Glass – Digital Crib” by Robin Glass “œFrom my small studio in a backwash of Sa£o Paulo to the world. … it’s a thrill and a privilege to be a part of this pixel revolution, to tell my story, and to have the right gear for the job. – Winning the Cisco Digital Cribs competition came like a bolt of encouragement to do more, to create, to touch others.” – Robin Glass, Digital Cribs Brand Winner“Travis” by Spike McKenzie“As a filmmaker I rely on digital technology from start to finish: from casting actors from Web sites, to filming, editing and uploading the finished product. – The opportunity to possibly share this information with a global audience and have the work seen by Cisco, the Filmaka community and many more is truly exciting!” – Spike McKenzie, Digital Cribs Brand Winner Read More »

Heineken, Cowboys, Amsterdam : A Night to Remember”¦

Last week we got to meet a very cool bunch of bloggers at the Heineken in the City store in Amsterdam. We cohosted a social with Heineken and got to know the locals. While the topic of conversation was visual networking, we had more fun watching the DJ on the decks via a livelink from the meeting rooms to the shopfloor. See our very own Liesbeth here with Benni the DJ streamed up to the very cool LG screen. The Heavenish DiscussionThe Dutch blogging community knows how to party too and we enlisted the help of our great friends at Shinymedia to get the video story. The key question was about their home network experiences -were they in network nirvana or not? Have a look at these interviews with them.

iQuestions Uses Visual Networking to Answer Your Questions

When I use visual networking to communicate, I find it easier to relate to and trust the person I am communicating with. This is a concept that a new company called iQuestions is banking on. I met the founder and CEO of iQuestions, Michael Boerner, while attending the Web 2.0 Summit. Michael showed me a new use of visual networking that I had not seen before, although it does seem like the logical evolution of search-based results for a certain type of inquiry. In this video, he discusses the consumer benefits and experience of using iQuestions to access expert advice through visual networking. You have 13 days left to enter the Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell video contest for a chance to win $10,000! Here are the details.