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Connected Life at CES 2009

Connected life technologies were at the heart of the Cisco announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last weekend, but we were not alone. In addition to Cisco, companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG are streaming online content into the home through the television, providing consumers with access to libraries of online movies, music, photos and more. By incorporating interoperable technologies that create a connected life, we will continue to live increasingly social, visual and personal experiences. For example, with Sony’s DSC-G3 Wi-Fi Cybershot camera, you can immediately share a photo with your friends on the web from multiple sharing sites. Intel shows future connected life capabilities their technology can enable in the Mercedes Benz Smart Car with hovering WiMAX cloud for a constant connection. Read More »

Cisco @ CES: Touch Screen Vending Machine

Samsung gave away Coke and Diet Cokes during CES to show off their touch screen vending machine. Check it out. Click here for more Cisco videos from CES.

Cisco @ CES: Intel’s Connected Vehicle Technology

At Intel’s Illuminating the Highways exhibit during CES, they showed emerging technology that enable communication between a vehicle and a drivers surroundings. The Intel ® Core processor allows for the computing of small images that appear on the dashboard of your vehicle to keep drivers connected on the road to increase the knowledgeable of their immediate surroundings. The convenience of Intel’s connectivity technology is a dream, however I wonder how long it will be legal to have images appear on your dashboard.Check out more videos of Cisco live at CES. Check

Cisco @ CES: Sony Vaio Brings The Pocket PC

At CES, Sony Vaio announced the Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC which can fit in your pocket. In this video, Eric Treski with Vaio marketing, walks us through the features of this small yet very functional PC.

Sony Unveils Webbie HD Camera @ CES 2009

The Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 HD cams caught my eye while taking a tour of the show floor at CES. The Webbie HD camera is very similar to the popular Flip camera for its ability to quickly and easily upload video to the internet. HD camcorder capabilities are a big trend at CES, in addition to the capabilities to live a truly connected lifestyle.