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Digital Cribs NYU and USC Screenings

Over the next two weeks Cisco is wrapping up the third Digital Cribs video contest, in partnership with USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Tomorrow, January 31st at USC and on Friday, February 5th at NYU, eight teams from each school with host a film screening of their Digital Cribs submissions to an audience of their peers, faculty, staff, alumni and Cisco judges. Click here for prize details.

Click here to view NYU Digital Cribs submissions.Click Here to view USC Digital Cribs submissions.
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Cisco Behind “I Will Survive”

If you haven’t come across the latest Cisco commercial touting the convenience and awesomeness of TelePresence, I suggest you check out this hilarious new installment featuring Gloria Gaynor’s famous tune, “I Will Survive.” Please enjoy 😉 For many, the economy and its effects on business are at top of mind and while this commercial addresses these issues, I think you’ll agree it leaves you smiling. To provide additional background on the inspiration for the ad, I spoke with Alan Hallberg, director of integrated marketing at Cisco. Please view Alan’s perspective in the video below: Follow us on Twitter @DigitalCribs for more Cisco consumer conversations.Click here to go to the Cisco consumer website.

The Network is Everywhere: Thoughts from CES 2009

CES this year was a somber affair. Fewer exhibitors, fewer attendees and a lot less hype. Gone was the glitz and glamour replaced by a more practical approach that mirrors the tough economic times. The benefits of this more pragmatic approach were fewer cab lines, less noise and a clearer sense of the trends that are reshaping the consumer technology landscape.I saw new OLED technology that offers crisp picture quality, a focus on improving the environmental impact of consumer technology and the revival of 3D television. But the trend that I found most interesting was the number of exhibitors who were showing off devices designed to work with the network. From Chumby’s to Blu-Ray players to TV’s to digital cameras, wireless connectivity was everywhere. Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony stated in his keynote that “by 2011 90% of Sony’s product developments will be connected wirelessly”. When one of the world’s largest consumer electronic manufacturers and arguably the most powerful brand in CE gets it you know that an idea has reached critical mass.Admittedly this is a trend that Cisco has predicted for sometime and one that we obviously have a vested interest in seeing succeed. We’ve been on the bandwagon for a long time and are rapidly clearing spaces for those that want to jump on.If you attended CES, what interesting new products and technologies did you see?

Cisco @ CES: Notable Trends

In addition to the connected life technologies I’ve already covered; green, HDTV and 3D technologies all had a significant presence at CES 2009 and in the resulting coverage. Big players in the industry like HP, Sony and Panasonic all introduced products at CES that can help consumers sleep a little better at night. Panasonic has made impressive leaps in the amount of power need to run their appliances, for example the power consumption for the Panasonic BluRay player has gone down 48% since 2006 alone, 50% in stand by mode. imageSony’s Bravia VE5-Series televisions, or “Eco” Series, have multiple features that enable lower power consumption; including zero-watt standby power switches that completely shutdown the display, rather than leaving it in standby mode and consuming additional power. imageHigh definition devices including digital cameras, camcorders, TVs, including wireless HDTVs, Blue-ray players and more littered the show floor and created noteworthy buzz at CES. The quality of home movies from our childhood is officially archaic; the ability to instantly upload and share HD videos on the web is quickly becoming a standard feature in digital recording devices. The ability to stream the library of Netflix HD movies directly from products like Samsung’s Blu-ray player is equally exciting, eliminating the need to go through the trouble of receiving and sending back DVDs through the mail. I was excited to see the abundance of 3D technology at CES. While I would say that the majority of people I spoke to became dizzy when viewing new 3D TVs, I found it really fun and exciting. It reminds me of the book The Indian in the Cupboard that I read as a kid because the picture, featured on more sophisticated 3D TV models, look like diorama of very tiny people, playing soccer, driving a race car, or whatever. I also found a demo of a yet to be released 3D flat screen from Samsung, which does not require glasses, however the picture is less impressive. It was very exciting to see what the consumer electronics companies have in store for us. I have more videos to share with you next week highlighting additional products and individuals I met while attending CES 2009.Follow @DigitalCribs on Twitter to join further Cisco and consumer conversations.Click here to access the Cisco consumer website.

Connected Life at CES 2009

Connected life technologies were at the heart of the Cisco announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last weekend, but we were not alone. In addition to Cisco, companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG are streaming online content into the home through the television, providing consumers with access to libraries of online movies, music, photos and more. By incorporating interoperable technologies that create a connected life, we will continue to live increasingly social, visual and personal experiences. For example, with Sony’s DSC-G3 Wi-Fi Cybershot camera, you can immediately share a photo with your friends on the web from multiple sharing sites. Intel shows future connected life capabilities their technology can enable in the Mercedes Benz Smart Car with hovering WiMAX cloud for a constant connection. Read More »