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Online Meetings and Events: Tips for Making Them Better with Social Media

- April 17, 2012 - 0 Comments

While your next online meeting may happen on WebEx, that doesn’t mean it’s the only channel you should use to make your meeting successful. Social media can be a wonderful compliment to your meeting or event.

Here are a few tips for using the most popular channels in your meeting mix.

If the meeting is public, Facebook is great for posting pre and post event information. Before the meeting, post the invite with registration information. Post event, post a blog or screen grabs with links to the recording or a post-event whitepaper. To reach new people, consider a Facebook advertisement. It’s easy to target your reach and control your spend.

Twitter is a great channel for driving pre and post event traffic to your site: ahead of time for registration and afterward for the recording. But Twitter is also an excellent way to engage folks during your meeting. By creating a “back-channel” conversation, you can get feedback and ideas from participants who may be too shy to speak up during the meeting. You can also grab great sound bites during the meeting and tweet them so others will be drawn to your content. Use hashtags to extend your reach.

Publicize your events on LinkedIn to attract a business following. Make sure your company page is up to date and turn on the status updates feature that works very much like Facebook. You can also create a LinkedIn group to create a special interest group that will follow your topic over the long haul. This is great if you are offering a series of meetings over time. Attendees can join your group and continue the discussion outside the meeting – and you can use the feedback and insight to adjust your content.

Google+ works very much like Facebook. You can publicize your meeting before and after – linking to recordings or offering post-meeting premiums to your followers. But with Google+ you can also put attendees into a private circle. This allows you to post exclusive information or private conversation just with those in your designated circle.

Ah, the new kid on the block. Pinterest is about images. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to generate interest in your online meeting or event. All you need to do is tie your content to an interesting image. So if you have a meeting invite, be sure to put a great image on that page. Then pin it. Have a meeting recording? Pair it with an image – or better yet an infographic – and pin it. Be sure to connect your Pinterest account to Twitter and tweet when you pin . It creates a link that tells folks you have something to see, not just say.


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