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Olympic Glory – You Don’t Have to Miss a Thing!

Thanks to a recent move, I now have a legitimate HDTV setup that I have been taking full advantage of over the course of the Olympic Games :cheese: (Congrats Shawn Johnson!) As a Cisco employee, I have found the Olympics even more interesting because of the company’s involvement in enabling the delivery of the content. NBC is using a Cisco network to deliver Olympics footage to viewers using online, on-demand, and mobile services. Craig Lau, vice president for Information Technology for the NBC Olympics says,”NBC is aiming to provide the Olympic experience anywhere, anyplace, anytime, using any delivery platform.” imageWe all have sports that watch more than others; the ability to search for a video based on an athlete’s name, hometown, or emotional content makes it much easier to find the video you are searching for. I’ve been using NBC’s 2008 Olympic Program page to find replays and coverage that I haven’t caught yet. imageYou can also follow the performance of hometown athletes, no matter how well they finish. NBC Olympics keeps a database of all athletes and their hometowns. Using the Cisco network and file-based workflow, editors can quickly create a cut-down reel and make it available to local affiliated stations.”This is the first Olympics for which we have been able to localize content to this extent for broadband viewers,” Lau says.imageFor more information on what Cisco has in store for the consumer, click here.

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