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Nonsociety Bloggers: Julia Allison and Meghan Asha

- November 5, 2008 - 3 Comments

Earlier this year I met with Nonsociety bloggers and Digital Cribs stars Julia Allison and Meghan Asha to catch up with them after their Digital Cribs taping. They were extremely entertaining to say the least, but I wanted to share this clip that tells you what their Nonsociety blog is really about. I think the design and content of both represent a shift in blogging techniques. In the past, blog posts were text heavy and less frequent. The Nonsociety bloggers use a technique called lifecasting, which is up to the minute blogging with through video and images with less emphasis on text. I can go on, but I’ll let them explain the rest…Continuing on the Digital Cribs theme… Enter the Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell video contest to win up to US$10,000! Click here to visit the Cisco consumer site.

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  1. Please -- no more coverage of these dimwits. They did not come up with lifecasting or their blog. It is set up and funded by David Karp and a variety of other behind the scenes characters. These girls are not interested in tech -- they are interested in being fameballs.

  2. If Cisco and Kodak actually PAID these frauds any money, they should look to immediately recover any funding. Look let's put it out there...Julia Baugher is lying about her page views. Mary Rambin is not a designer but a spin instructor in NYC. Meghan Parikh is a trust fund child living off of the family wealth in NYC. Cisco should feel conned that they sponsored Meghan in the past.

  3. To everyone who has commented on NonSociety, Thanks for stopping by to read our blog and for your passionate feedback. We've received several comments on this topic and I’d like to address them collectively now and update with facts about our relationship with NonSociety and their involvement with Cisco. Cisco did not sponsor NonSociety at CES; rather we employed them to develop media assets, which would live on both our sites. We gave NonSociety the liberty to be creative and spontaneous when producing CES content because NonSociety is able to address people and topics in a lighthearted way that is exclusive of the ‘corporate’ feel that I sometimes find difficult to avoid. We would also like to disclose that Digital Cribs personalities do not receive any payment for their participation. With that said, we are still listening, and for those of you who think NonSociety is inappropriate for Cisco, we are very interested to hear your suggestions for personalities who could represent the lighter side of events like CES and would be more appropriate for Cisco. We have genuinely taken your comments into account, but I want you to know that we've decided against posting additional comments, positive or negative, exclusively referencing NonSociety because they are not adding to this blog's intended conversation concerning digital consumers. Feel free to view our blogging policy here: There are additional videos from NonSociety at CES, which were meant to be an entertaining look at the atmosphere (and not the technology), of CES, which we are reviewing and may post on the Cisco consumer site. We will be happy to take comments on the content of those videos as they relate to digital consumers and CES, but, as noted above, no additional comments about the NonSociety personalities themselves, though you can rest assured that we are cognizant of your opinions regarding NonSociety.I am emailing all of the commenters to ask for their suggestions directly. If you would like to comment on this post, please be constructive and add a new perspective to the conversation. Thank you for reading this blog, Johanna