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Linksys by Cisco Routers Now Come With Network Magic

- May 12, 2009 - 11 Comments

imageSoftware is critical for protecting your home network from virus attacks, enforcing important parental controls, and preventing identity theft. Unfortunately, one in three consumers experience difficulty setting up their home network, according to an upcoming home networking survey conducted by ABI Research.

Would setup difficulties compromise the trust you have in your home network? Cisco’s Peder Ulander shows the easy to use capabilities of Network Magic in this video.

As of today, all Linksys by Cisco wireless routers come equipped with Network Magic home network management software. Network Magic has a consumer-friendly user interface that provides a network map to easily control multiple devices on your home network. The new interface also adds simplified access to printer and file sharing, an easier process for adding wireless devices, and support for an increased number of devices. To take full advantage of your home network’s capabilities, it is important to feel comfortable with the technology; especially as faster networks emerge and we purchase more devices that create a media-enabled home. Consumer industry analyst Jason Blackwell shared how the home network is changing in a recent Q&A, “We’re seeing a move from data-centric networks — connecting personal computers, laptops and occasionally things like network-attached storage — to home networks that are more media-centric. This brings in a whole new level of connectivity with devices that aren’t typically computer-oriented, such as TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles.” Now that Network Magic is included with Linksys by Cisco routers, access and control of our photos, music, and movies on multiple devices, anywhere, has become much simpler. If you would like to learn more about pricing and availability, click here for more information or visit To join more Cisco consumer conversations on the web, follow @DigitalCribs on Twitter or become a fan of Cisco “LinksysbyCisco” and “Digital Cribs” on Facebook.

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  1. I have a wireless router and Network Magic gives the splash screen everytime I boot up and since I never, never use it, can I uninstall it without any bad results to my PC or network that my spouse shares with me here at home?

  2. We bought a new wireless linksys wireless router and only received Network Magic on a trial basis and now want me to buy. How do I stop being prompted to buy it every time I turn on my computer?

  3. I have just bought a Linksys Router connected to my Windows 7 laptop. Please, give me information how to uninstall the installation message which appears every time I start my laptop. Stig Drevemo

  4. I have a four year old Linksys router. Is there a way for me to get the Network Magic basic software free??

    • I bought a linskey router 6 months ago. I had it installed and it was working perfectly until three ago when magicnetwork came up on my screen to buy ,and now I am having problems.It says that I am not connected. Please insert serial number which I do not have.I am a senior citizen and I do not know what to do. Please give me some advice

  5. Be nice if they would give it to people who have already purchased Linksys routers.

  6. I've used Linksys routers and modems for several years now (recently purchased and installed an e300). Additionally, many years ago I purchased Network Magic before the company was purchased by Cisco. I still use the program and, most importantly, appreciate the great tech support. Great hardware, great software, and consistently, great tech support. Can't ask for much more than that.

  7. Just bought a new wireless linksyd wireless router and onle received Network Magic on a trial basis and now want me to buy .I thought it was included as youd site says it is.

  8. Wish I waited to get my linksys then I could have gotten network magic =(

  9. Great, and those of us that do not have a Linksys Rter. are knocked off using NetWork Magic Pro because our D-Link routers are having trouble accessing Pure Networks sites. Get a 404 everytime I try to get to PureNetworks downloads, tried my key for a new install and get: NWM Pro can not install at this time try again. I just spent 4 hrs. trying to get NWM pro reinstalled correctly and no joy. Turns out that the PureNet. web site is down. Just got off a cisco chat with an agent and they confirmed it.

  10. Hi! I like the new Linksys Network Magic. Great for home users that really like to play alot. Should save a lot of grief. Bravo!I will have to give it a whirl.)"