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Keeping Kids Safe Online

- July 2, 2009 - 4 Comments

imageToday’s connected world has gone beyond laptops to include PDAs, games, and other WiFi-enabled devices. As a result, kids can be exposed to a variety of online risks—and many traditional security solutions can sometimes fall short in protecting against these threats. Add to that the fact that statistics show that this demographic is often less concerned about online safety and you can see a recipe for trouble. Parents today need to be more aware of their kids’ online habits and usage patterns. And that’s exactly the focus of an upcoming Lifetime Television show, The Balancing Act, which will feature Marie Hattar, Cisco vice president of Network Systems and Security Solutions. Above all, Marie suggests keeping communication lines open and helping your kids to understand the potential dangers on the internet so they feel comfortable reporting unusual activity. But there are also products such as Linksys by Cisco’s Home Network Defender, powered by Trend Micro, which can block preset sites and report internet activities to network administrators. Learn more about Cisco’s commitment to keeping kids safe online. Check your local listings today and tune in to Lifetime to learn more about keeping kids safe online.

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  1. Great Post. My neighbor works computer crimes for the FBI. They cannot keep up with the number of leads related to online predators. Parents need to do everything they can to protect their children online including talking to them about the dangers out there.

  2. In my country-China, all PC manufacturers forced to install a software (like CyberSitter) to protect kids form online risks by Gov. By it’s really easy to be hacked and reinstalled…

  3. Aside from the Internet, we all know that most teens are into online games. Sad to say that some would take advantage of your child and may even hack his account and there's a possibility your credit card info can be accessed by the hacker as well specially if you're the one who is paying the bills. As a parent, we need to educate our children as well and here's a good article I wanna share:

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