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Improve Your Leadership Skills with Help from the Experts

- April 11, 2012 - 0 Comments

It’s hard to improve your leadership skills when you are stuck in the trenches actually doing the leading! Since making time to learn can be a challenge, we pulled together some of our best recorded information from the experts who offer specific tips for building your skills.

UPDATE: The Ken Blanchard Group has just announced a new event on April 25th. Register here. After the event, watch here.

They are all available on demand so you can watch whenever you have a few minutes.

Yesterday, in part one we focused on goal setting, vision and leadership. Today, in part two we take a look at motivation and team dynamics. Each tip has an on-demand WebEx you can access at any time – you don’t need to download any software to participate.

Step 4: Tune up your leadership effectiveness

Best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller offer four keys to increase influence, impact and leadership effectiveness. Based on their book, Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life, they coin the acronym GROW and use it to explore four strategies that leaders can use to challenge themselves on and off the job.

  • “G”ain knowledge
  • “R”each out to others
  • “O”pen your world
  • “W”alk toward wisdom

Putting these skills together, you will take your effectiveness to a new level. Watch it.

Step 5: Assess individual values when choosing employees

Assessing individual needs and values is sometimes overlooked when employers are selecting and developing new employees, which can impact how well your leadership is received. This can have ramifications at all levels of employment, especially in how your team works together or how fast your employees turn over. Keven Meyer, Ph.D., of Hogan Assessment Systems provides insight via real-world examples of values in action and how it can impact your organization’s performance. Watch it.

Step 6: Bring out your natural motivation

A good leader must have the ability to direct the actions of his or her team toward a set of goals. Do your team members brag about the company as a great place to work? Do they go above and beyond their present duties? Do they inspire co-workers? Best-selling author Scott Blanchard shares five years of research on bringing out the natural motivation inherent in people in order for you to create an engaged work environment. Watch it.

Learning to set a clear vision and providing inspiring leadership is within your grasp. We hope you find these tools helpful and useful.


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