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I’m on American Airlines Flight 0178 to NYC and am surfing the internet!

I’m sitting in row 35 seat H on a very cramped airplane on its way to JFK airport in New York. Ordinarily I would be a bit grumpy right now, but before I got on the plane I saw a kiosk for American Airlines new in-flight internet service gogo. Once the flight was at cruising altitude I pulled out my laptop and accessed the in-plane wifi hotspot. A simple sign-up and $12.95 later and I have about 600k up and 150k down. Not bad. While in-flight internet has been around for a few years (ex. Connexion, Aircell) this is my first opportunity to try the service and overall I’m impressed. It certainly isn’t my Comcast Blast Service (16/2) but the convenience and access at this time are more important than the bandwidth.To test the service I’ve used my Cisco VPN, visited ESPN and watched videos on YouTubeGo to to see the latest episodes featuring Shane Battier, Meghan Asha and Lincoln Schatz.

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