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How Do You ūmi?

- November 23, 2010 - 0 Comments

This is a story from Mike Ritch, one of our Cisco ūmi users!

All of our families experienced working with the ūmi.  We are grandparents and have children and grandchildren who live a distance from us – Spokane, WA, San Diego, CA, and Silver Spring, MD.  Because of this, we are not able to travel to visit them very often.  Through the magic of umi, we have been able to “visit” on a weekly basis and have been able to solidify the bond with our children and grandchildren, and them to us.  One of the grandchildren told me recently that “in the past, we hardly ever saw you, but now we can see you all the time”.  The HD video makes it so vivid, like they really in the same room with you.

Some of the things we have been able to do is play charades with each other, watch the younger grandchildren practice their new “dance moves”, have funny face contests, listen to mini recitals of children as they played their instrument, share in the excitement of displaying new clothes, watch an enthusiastic explanation from a 10 yr. old of what she had learned at school about photography, and how cameras take pictures and invert the image.

Last night we were able to see what choices of ice cream the family had chosen for dessert and see the finished product of yummy looking chocolate cookies made by our 11 yr. old grandson – they looked so tasty that I wished I could reach through the screen and take one.  We have laughed about individual experiences within a family, shared vacation experiences, problem solved redecorating rooms in a home – being able to visually see options, and just visited and enjoyed each other.

I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas to “visit” in the homes, even though we might not be physically there.  Watching at Christmas the excitement of opening gifts and seeing happy faces and the hearing the oohs and ahhs that always happen, will be a delight.

There are so many ways to use umi. How do you ūmi?

Also, make sure you enter the Cisco ūmi Brings YOU Home for the Holidays contest. We are giving 5 people a pair of ūmi’s + w year free service to help them get together with friends and family for the holidays!


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