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Home Networking Just got Easier with new Mobile App!

- November 2, 2011 - 8 Comments

For anyone reading this blog post today, I have no doubt that if I were to ask you what type of mobile phone you are using; it will likely be a certain brand of smartphone. With advances in technology and apps provided to users, the days of the traditional cell phone are behind us.  StarTac anyone?

Now what does this have to do with Linksys Home Networking?

As of today, Linksys is launching its first Mobile App, available on the App Store and Android Marketplace.  For quick and easy access to your network information, you can download the free Cisco Connect Express Wi-Fi mobile app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone. This App is for Linksys E-Series, X-Series and Valet router owners to access their common Cisco Connect features that live on the desktop, from their mobile device. Cisco designed this free app to work with Linksys and Valet routers so that users have more flexibility than ever before to manage and view their network information in real-time from anywhere in the home.

When connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can use the app to get new devices online and added to your network.  When guests come over, simply email them the secure guest access information from your phone or iPad so they can get connected. Plus, manage your router settings from anywhere in your home.  Have your router and network information at your fingertips so that getting family online or managing your network is finally easy.

For more details on the features of Cisco Connect Express, here is what each of them will offer you:

Guest Access – An easy way for visitors to get online. Give password-protected Internet access to visiting friends and family while keeping your own information private.  No need to remember the guest password, it’s in the app. Simply email or text the password to your guest and they’ll be online in no time.

Add devices to your network Quickly connect your computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and other WiFi-enabled devices to your network. You can add them manually, or with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ if your device supports it.

Access Wi-Fi Settings – Anytime, anywhere in your home, open your app and access your network name and password. Use the app to change your network password and set how many guests are allowed on your network. If you need your password to add a device manually, quickly access it via your app. 

Access Router Features – View details about your router, including model name and number, serial number, firmware version, and more. Plus, check for the latest firmware updates to keep your router up-to-date with the latest performance and security features. Easily get a new WAN IP address or reboot your router.

So grab your smartphone and navigate your way over to here (App Store) or here (Android Marketplace) to download the Cisco Connect Express mobile app at no cost!    Stay tuned to our blog as more mobile apps are planned to be coming soon!

1st here is for App Store:
2nd here is for Android Marketplace:

Thanks to Matt Whelan for contributing to this blog!  He is our amazing Brand Manager with lots of good info!


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  1. Not available in Indian app store as well. Request to take a look.

    • Hi Amit -- thank you for reaching out. And you are correct the apps are not available in India yet. They are currently only available in the US. We are working to have the apps available internationally in a few months. We'll post the info on the website, here on my blog or on our facebook pages.

  2. Hi ! Unfortunately it's not avaiable either for Iphone in Portugal ! when will arrive ??

    • Yes lots of inquires on when we'll have the ap internationally. We are working on it and will let customers know on our facebook page: or our website: I'm happy to hear we are getting lots of interest!

  3. I already used Linksys Wi-Fi Devices. I hope this apps for Mobile will provide simple and better features. Application Looks me very much effective for the wi-fi Devicesa and I would like to know more about it. Please send me some information about the same.

  4. Unfortunately, it is not available for Android users from Poland. Can you change this?

    • that is correct right now its only for US. stay tuned for International...

    • Hi Zal -- Thanks for reaching out -- Here's a tad more info on the mobile app: Let me know if there is something specific you wanted to know Karen