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Happily Ever After: Yumi and ūmi

- April 21, 2011 - 4 Comments

For most of us, our lives are full of momentous occasions shared by family – learning to walk, graduating from high school, starting your first job, getting married and having children. For Boston-based public relations practitioner Yumi Bilic , the next momentous occasion in family life was her sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, due to the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Japan native was unable to attend the festivities in Tokyo earlier this month.

After learning about Yumi’s situation, Cisco donated Cisco ūmi telepresence units to her and her family so that they would be able to be together virtually on the special day.  With the same name, it was hard for Yumi to pass up the opportunity to see her sister’s ceremony on her HDTV via ūmi.* Not only did Yumi and her husband get to see her family, but she was introduced to her sister’s soon-to-be husband’s family, as well.   By attending the wedding virtually with Cisco ūmi from thousands of miles away in Boston, Yumi was able to see, things like her sister’s beautiful bouquet and traditional kimono she changed into for the ceremony as well as finer details like the floral arrangements on all of the tables.

As you watch this video, we encourage you to enjoy the sights and sounds from Yumi’s sister’s wedding.  Yumi says, “The wedding was beautiful and we were able to say hi to our family and my brother-in-law’s family for the first time!” And for many of us, being “right there” for the first time at a Japanese wedding is a pretty cool and new experience.

But more importantly, after you’re done watching, we invite you to inspire us with your stories and suggestions about how you would use umi telepresence like this in your life.  From your couch, what do you wish you could see?  What are you missing out on that you don’t have to anymore with a life size, HD video experience through umi?

*While Cisco ūmi is not available in Japan, Cisco provided  the technology in this instance given the circumstances.


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  1. I'm Yumi's father. Thank you, Cisco. I was happy to see both of my daughters on a special day. Umi was useful for letting Yumi attend her sister's wedding virtually in Tokyo, and letting us talk to Yumi in Boston. Thank you, again, Cisco, with gratitude from Japan.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us! We are so happy that we were able to connect you over umi!

  2. That's really sweet. The wedding video's simply awesome and I love the HD video quality!