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Give the Gift your Gifts Want! A Wireless Router of Course!

- November 22, 2011 - 2 Comments

Well the holidays are approaching and it’s about time to put your holiday shopping lists together.  Did you ask for or are you planning on giving:

  • Tablet like the iPad or Playbook
  • A new laptop
  • A new Smartphone like an Android or iPhone
  • Internet enabled HDTV like Sony Bravia
  • Xbox, Wii or Playstation
  • Kindle or Nook e-reader 

Well if you think about it – all these products above include wireless or provide capabilities for making them wireless so they can access the internet and give you a plethora of features and apps.  All these gifts are going to need a wireless router so they can access the internet in your home.  If you haven’t upgraded your wireless router in a while and you plan on bringing these gifts into your home – it’s a good time to think about upgrading your router.

You’re probably thinking why do I need to upgrade my router if it’s already working great?  Well the answer is — if you are planning on streaming video from your iPad, HDTV, Xbox or your laptop and have an older router – you are not going to have a good experience.  Your older router is probably on Wireless-G or Wireless-B and the latest gifts are embedded with Wireless N.  The difference is going from 11 Mpbs (Wireless-B) or 54 Mpbs (wireless-G) up to 900 Mbps (wireless-N for Dual Band).  This means that any new gift connected to a Wireless-B or Wireless-G router will only get the B or G speeds.  To get the high speeds of wireless N—you have to upgrade your wireless router to wireless-N.

If you don’t upgrade and plan on streaming on Wireless-B or Wireless-G – do know you will probably experience drop connections, constant buffering stops while watching a streaming video, cut outs while listening to music, and even slow frag times while you’re gaming.   Who wants that?  Using a wireless-B or Wireless-G router while your gadgets have Wireless-N is like cramming 4 lanes of traffic into one.  It’s slow and lots of congestion! – If you upgrade your wireless router to Wireless-N and use the 5 GHz channel it’s like having the fast lane all to yourself!   

Don’t worry Wireless-N Routers are not going to break the bank.  A good Wireless-N router will start you at $59 and go up to $159 like the Linksys E4200 which will give you all the wireless performance that will set you up for years!  And routers have come a long way since the last time you set one up.  The new Linksys E-Series routers come with Cisco Connect software that help you connect all the holiday gifts up easily and quickly so you can spend more time with the family.  Oh and two more things – the new Linksys E-Series wireless-N routers come with guest access so visiting friends or family can connect really simply and we include some basic parental controls so you can keep your kids off Xbox in the middle of the night.

So if you are thinking of a cool gift to give – give the gift that all your new gifts will want! – a Wireless-N Router, and preferably from Cisco Linksys!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. So that's why my device's connection is running low. Thanks for this helpful information.

  2. I agree, and really enjoy my E4200 router by Cisco. Setting up my fastest devices on the 5GHz, not only gives them top performance, but zero interference, from many other devices in the house which use bandwidth within the 2.4x range.