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Getting Fit w/ Video on Demand

- November 11, 2008 - 3 Comments

I’ve recently made a pre-New Years resolution to get back in shape. For the past year things have conspired against me getting in a consistent workout routine:- We were recently blessed with a daughter and a large % of my free time is happily committed to spending time with her. – We moved to a new town that does not have a convenient gym.- I’m really lazy.While flipping through Comcast’s on-demand I came across a category called exercise. Intrigued, I searched further and found hundreds of workout routines including everything from yoga to Tae-bo. Flashbacks to Jane Fonda, Jazzercise and Buns of Steel caused me to initially dismiss the idea of using Video on Demand for my workouts, but my wife decided to try it.After several evenings of watching her leave our living room to go to the den to workout, I decided to follow-her and see what this was all about. She had found a 22min workout titled “Incredible Abs” and said it was very tough go get through the whole routine. Feeling challenged, I decided to try it. It started easily with a few minutes of warm up and then some ridiculously easy standing crunches (who knew you could do ab work standing up?). About 5 minutes in, it began to get really tough with no breaks between different exercises. At about 10min I was groaning in agony. Finally at 15min, I had had enough and needed to rest. Humbled, I promised myself that I would be able to get through it next time. Since then, I have gotten into a regular habit of doing abs and the occasional yoga session. I can proudly say that I can now complete the workout. Perhaps not as effortlessly as my wife, but I can make it the through the entire 22min without passing out.I’m finding that there are tons of programming options on Comcast On Demand. While it’s a bit light on new movies and TV shows I want to watch, there is an abundance of sports programming from folks like Havoc TV which specialize in alternative sports (surf, ski, and skate) and local programming specific to where you live (Bay Area Backroads). Click to see the latest episodes of digital cribs.

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  1. I use Comcast On Demand and enjoy it also (the guitar channel is a favorite). Hopefully, their user interface will get better. For all the content they have on their On Demand service, the UI sometimes makes finding said content a real chore.

  2. Didn't know that there was a guitar channel. I'm going to check that out tonight. I definitely need the practice. Agree with you on the UI issue. It's a chore to find all the great content that they have on demand.

  3. Still can't believe The Ski Channel is not available on Comcast. When will the wait end?