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Five Things You Can Do To Support Your Team Right Now

- April 24, 2012 - 0 Comments

It’s not enough just to hire the best people for your business; good managers become their guide, coach and cheerleader as well.

Your employees want to do well and you have the opportunity to help them. Here are five things you can do to encourage them. When you are getting the best out of everyone on your team, you will also succeed.

1. Give Your Team a Clear Purpose

How your business performs is by and large dependent on its people, and those people need to know that their individual goals are helping move the company forward.

Derek Johnston, senior executive at the Centre for Competitiveness, recommends that all team members need to know exactly what they are trying to do, just as a sports team agrees what the objective is (get the ball in the net, cross the line first). This is one of the first things you can do to make team members work effectively.

2. Boost Morale

Recognize individual employees with praise at a staff meeting or with a personal note. Provide small perks that have a big personal impact on the lives of your employees. Train them properly. Partner the new employees with a veteran, host training sessions with experts in your field, pay for your employees to attend trade conferences. Under 30 CEO offers a few more (affordable) ways to boost your team’s morale.

3. Help Your Team Members Achieve Their Best

This is where the coaching comes in. One of your key roles is to help your team members do the best they can do… helping them with problem solving, better decision making and learning new skills.

Some leaders find this easy; others have to develop their own coaching skills. Luckily for you, has a model that will help you learn to coach others and improve their performance.

4. Identify the Barriers to Excellence

According to Barbara Farfan at, there are only two reasons that your employees aren’t performing with excellence every day: they can’t, and/or they don’t want to.

Remove legitimate barriers to employees’ success (such as physical issues, time problems, wherewithal and know-how barriers) and you may find you’re left with only two categories: employees who excel, and employees who may need to be replaced.

5. Keep Everyone Connected

In this day and age there is no excuse for remote employees not being in synch with the goals of your business.

Eliminate the monthly Power-Point presentation where everyone just nods off or checks email, and use something more dynamic, like WebEx, so that your employees can really participate in the meeting and leave feeling empowered. This will require planning on your part, but employees who leave a hands-on meeting will most likely retain more information, and in case anyone misses the meeting, you will have recorded it for later viewing.

Guide, cheerleader, coach, manager… maintaining a successful team is almost like parenting, but without the potty training and teenage eye rolls. Hopefully, with our guide, it’s just become a little bit easier.


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