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Extend your Wireless Range for Whole Home Coverage

- August 9, 2011 - 7 Comments

Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender

Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender

So you have a wireless network in your home but you have found that you can’t sip on lemonade from the backyard while surfing the internet,  you can’t send the kids down to the basement for their daily video gaming tournment to get some peace and quiet and tranforming all that space in the attic into your dream home office seems impossible because your wireless signal won’t reach.  Well that is all about to change with the new Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender (RE1000).   

The new Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender helps take your wireless network signal and basically “boost” it so that you can get a signal in more places throughout your home.  This will help eliminate deadspots as well so if you have specific places in your home that don’t get a good signal, the range extender will help deliver the signal to that spot.  

What is also cool about the Range Extender is that it also acts as a bridge – which means if you connect a game console, Internet enabled TV, a media server or networked Blu-Ray player and get them access to your wireless network and the Internet. If you wanted all the entertainment devices connected just plug in a switch into the Ethernet port on the range extender and you have them all wirelessly connected! Its like a signal booster and a bridge all in one. 

A few other nifty features include Quality of Service (QoS) which help prioritize traffic to devices connected to it. Such as if you have an Xbox or PS3 connected to the range extender the range extender will prioritize the bandwith so that you’ll have smooth gaming. It also works with Wireless-B or Wireless-G networks so if you don’t have time to upgrade your wireless-N router, you can feel confident it will work.  However pairing the Wireless-N Range Extender with a Wireless-N Router will always work best. 

Its really simple to set up and because it has a set up wizard that recommends the best distance to place the range extender from your router so you can achieve optimal coverage and performance.  After you determine where to place the range extender you push the Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ button (WPS) which is designed to make connecting devices to your range extender push-button simple and more secure.  But make sure your router also has a WPS button (All newer Linksys routers do).

So that’s it. Sipping lemonade, enjoying peace and quiet or working effientially from your need digs in the attice has never been so easy.  For $89 you too can have more wireless freedom throughout your house.  Happy Networking!


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  1. Good website. All posts have a process to learn. Thank you for another important article.

  2. nice blog! thanks for the help.


    • We are planning on making it availble this fall in Europe. I don't have exact date - but stay tuned at

  4. I also bought a Linksys WRT54GC wireless router, but i had several problems with it. My internet speed slows down with 1 Mb/s, and the wireless range was very small. I don't know what whas the problem but the network administrator recommend's me a router wihout the N-range technology. Sorry for my language i'm from Romania

    • Hi Ingyen - Sorry you have having a challenge with your Wireless- G router. If you are still having issues - let me know and I'll have someone from support call you. But if you did get the range extender (coming to europe soon) it could help with the range on your Wireless-G router. If you get a wireless-N router - the N Router is even more powerful so it should also give a boost in speed and range.

  5. Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender looks a very good add on to keep with me. Well I also suffer weak internet signals especially in some parts of my office but $89 is expensive may be $40 is nominal price for this gadget. It is good feature that this device also prioritize bandwidth to allow more smooth gaming experience.