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  1. Josimar Aguirre

    Im a Los Angeles Lakers fan but Bill Rusell is a legend no question abt it


  2. Ever since reading “The Memoirs of An Opinionated Man” many years ago, I have been a fan of Bill Russell. It doesn’t hurt that in my younger days living on the East Coast I got to see him play once in Boston Garden. I would love to have the opportunity to talk with Mr. Russell.


  3. Debra Maxwell

    What an incredible opportunity.
    thank you!



    I was asked to leave a comment. I wanted to talk about my
    son. He loves basketball he has a membership at the Healthplex in Springfield Pa the the former home of the Philadelphia 76ers. He has games he plays in tornaments. Against guys gals old young he is just dedicated. Having a mentor such as Bill Russell is so great honestly.He do not know I am even speaking of him I just thought it would be good for him, He has made his own dvd. He is one of 11 children. this is his lifelong dream to one day play professional even though he is often told negative feedback he wasting his time ect. although he just do not listen he do not give up this lifelong passion for ball. He is 21 yrs old. I love sports also I played basketball in high school briefly I think it never got out my system lol! I just think this is just a heartfelt talk for me on my son’s behalf like I expressed earlier he won’t know. Now I will say thanks for your time and consideration. For Now Mrs. Abdul-Hakeem


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