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Digital Cribs Q&A with Shane Battier

Shane Battier’s Digital Cribs webisode first debued in early September on Last week, we were able to catch up with the Houston Rockets forward for a Digital Cribs ‘status update’ and received some home networking advice from the pro: Cisco: Do you have any technology on your wish list?SB: I am anxiously awaiting the new Blackberry Storm. I am a blackberry guy, not so much an iPhone guy. I am also building a new home and am excited to use solar and wind power generators.Cisco: Are there any additions you’ve made to your crib since the taping?SB: Since the taping of the piece, my wife and I have welcomed Zeke Edward to the world. I am currently using the Pure Digital Flip Video to record every step of fatherhood. It’s so convenient. I buy them for all the new fathers I know.Cisco: If you had to pick two pieces of technology from your home that you couldn’t live without, what would they be and why?SB: I cannot live without my Linksys router. When watching a game on tv, I have to have real-time stats on my laptop. It’s a must (especially during fantasy football). I will never give up my Playstation 3. After all the travel and stress of the NBA, I like to turn my mind off for a half hour and just play mindless video games once and a while.Cisco: What resources do you use to learn about new technology you might be interested in for you home?SB: I try to read different websites like,, and I also will read Popular Mechanics magazine.Cisco: How has your home network changed the way you live your life and the way you see the world?SB: I never watch the evening news, there is too much bad news; however my home network allows me to follow current events and get different angles on the issues facing our world today in a way that is much different than getting my news from the evening news alone.Shane Battier’s Digital Crib: Q&A continued on next page…More on Digital Cribs: You can view the Digital Cribs of Nonsociety blogger Meghan Asha and video artist Lincoln Schatz at www.digitalcribs.comFollow the Digital Cribs Friend FeedCisco: Do you think your connected home has affected your basketball?SB: I am now able to stream video of myself to my laptop while eating a bowl of Wheaties in the morning. I can improve my game outside of the gym now by doing something as simple as this.Cisco: Do you have any advice for those just starting to upgrade or setup their home network?SB: READ THE DIRECTIONS. Don’t try to be a hero. Trust me on this one. If you fail to read directions, like myself, call a professional.Cisco: With the rising use of video online, visual networking has become an emerging term we have used to describe the sharing of videos online through social networking and blogs. How do you, personally interpret visual networking and how do you envision its evolution?SB: I believe that visual networking is a new way for individuals to express themselves. The beauty of this expression is not only can you share it with your closest friends, but you may inspire or affect someone who lives halfway around the globe. Think about that for a second. What an amazing thought!I imagine that it will continually help to bring people of all walks of life together. Hopefully, an honest sharing of expression and ideas can help people understand each other better and expand the horizons of mankind in our interactions with each other (at the push of a simple button!!). That is my hope for technology.Cisco: Do you think your connected home has transcended into a connected life? OR do you see it as the other way around?SB: I think a connected life makes for a connected home. Once you experience the connectivity of the world around us from facebook to wikipedia to youtube, you cannot imagine living in a house without it.Cisco: What blogs or publications do you read/follow?SB: My favorite blog is the writer Bill Simmons for He is hilarious, a good sports fan, and does a great job of interconnecting sports with pop culture. Check him out.Cisco: Do you belong to any social networks (i.e. Facebook, via Ning, Twitter)? How would you describe the types of interactions you have with your friends on those sites?SB: I am currently a Facebook member. My schedule is so hectic that I don’t have a lot of time to catch up with my friends in person or on the telephone. Facebook allows me to keep tabs on the happenings of my friends, while giving insight to my friends on the craziness that is my life. What a great tool to keep in touch with my friends.

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