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Digital Cribs: Coming Soon

- September 4, 2008 - 4 Comments

Maybe I’m too old school, but I’m not sure I’ll ever call a home a crib. When I think if cribs, I, of course, think of the crib that my 18-month old sleeps in (and thankyouvermuch, he is doing quite well in the evenings of late). Somehow between college and now, the word crib evolved into the cool vernacular for home. Casa. Abode. Etc. ACTUAL cribs (like my son Jack’s) haven’t really progressed that much over the years, so I’m not sure why crib was chosen as the hip word for home, but logic rarely enters into what is cool…and what is not.Enough about that. Coming soon, my colleagues over at the DigItAll Consumer Blog are starting a focus on their blog to highlight Digital Cribs of celebrities and their favorite gadgets. The Digital Home, if you will, for my generation and those before me. They start the series with a bit of video history of Digital Cribs by highlighting the one of the first video recorders, the Apple Newton, Bruce Springsteen albums, Atari technology and more. You can view the video here. Suffice it to say that our “cribs” are changing and connecting more and more and the dream of remotely letting in a worker into your house, or adjusting the thermostat from your laptop, or watching your home’s security camera on your mobile phone is not too far away.

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  1. Anna,Appreciate the post. It certainly sounds like you are living a connected life"" and have a great story to tell. We are going to run a user generated video contest in October that you should definitely participate in.Mike KischDirector of Consumer Marketing"

  2. Hey John,Great idea. I'm a jewelry designer, New York socialista, an avid traveller, blogger. I was featured in the August issue of Entrepreneur. Being connected using my MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone and using such social platforms as facebook, twitter, flickr, digg, youtube, viddler, etc is crucial in my life in keeping up with the latest.I'm in London now at the conference but you're one of the few people who know this (besides my friends).Thanks to being connected I can freely travel and I do so about 4 months out of the year. Tokyo is my favorite place to go for inspiration, I'm there twice a year.Would love to contribute.Best,Anna

  3. Thanks for the blog post. We've actually been very careful to select personalities that offer unique and interesting perspectives on how to integrate technology into our daily lives. We have been very selective to insure that we are featuring technologies and experiences that are available to mainstream consumers not just the affluent. One of our goals for the Digital Cribs program is to make certain technologies more accessible to mainstream consumers. Thanks again for sharing your perspective and I encourage you to follow the campaign. Mike KischDirector of Consumer Marketing

  4. great idea. to see all those rich billionaires invest in tech gizmos that the average joe cannot afford.Shawn