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Dexter and the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

I didn’t use to subscribe to ShowtimeThe Sopranos and Entourage on HBO were enough for me. But last year when everything else was in reruns because of the writers’ strike, I found a great new series on CBS prime time TV –Dexter. I watched it religiously and never had an inkling until my son told me that I was a whole season behind -Dexter originated on Showtime and when season 2 started on Showtime they played an edited version of season 1 on CBS.So when I subscribed to the Comcast triple-play, I found that I could get Showtime as part of a package for less than I was paying for fewer pay channels before. So now the third season of Dexter is starting on September 28th, but I’m stuck at the end of season 1. What to do? Well, if you want to find me this week, just look for me parked weeknights in front of my digital video recorder (DVR). I’m accessing Dexter on demand and consuming two or three episodes of Dexter Season 2 every night. So if you’re in Miami when September 28th comes around, tell Dexter and Debra I’ll be ready.

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