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Cisco is Helping protect you from the “Conficker Worm”

- April 1, 2009 - 6 Comments

imageThere are stories out warning people of the potential DOWNAD/Conficker Worm that could be unleashed on April Fools Day. This “Conficker Worm” is supposedly designed to create a large botnet of infected PCs also known as zombie PCs which would be controlled by the worm’s creator to shut down sites or send spam, steal personal information or event sent users to malicious websites used for phising or downloading additional malware. This worm is targeted to PC users running Microsoft operating systems. Cisco is aware of this potential internet threat and can let people know that if they are using Linksys by Cisco Routers and have registered for the Home Network Defender, they should be protected from this worm. However, there are a few extra steps that customers should take to ensuring they are protected:1. Make sure you have updated your PCs with the latest Windows updates 2. If you have Home Network Defender powered by Trend Micro on Linksys by Cisco routers — make sure to enable all of the security settings. With Home Network Defender, use all the included licenses of Trend Micro Antivirus+AntiSpyware for your PCs. And ensure the software is up to date for your PCs. 3. Disable the “Drive Auto-run” feature to avoid infections coming from USB drives 4. Change default password on the router to something different and unique 5. If users feel they maybe infected — go here to check: users of select Linksys by Cisco routers do not have Home Network Defender, we encourage them to try a no risk, no cost trial available from the website at: believe that layering hardware security and software security like Routers and antivirus software will help provide stronger protection from internet perils on a daily basis.

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  1. Hi Johanna, i read this article too late...this stupid Conficker worm infested our network from USB flash, i have not disabled the Auto run feature. It took about a week to remove it completely from all our network. So once more for everybody - ALWAYS turn the Auto-run off!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this good info..... well..Conficker has infected more than 10 million PCs since it first began spreading late last year. So far, the machines haven't downloaded update software that makes them send spam, participate in attacks on websites or join a botnet, but that could change at any time simply by adding a malicious payload to any one of the 250 domain names the drones connect to each day. Conficker has the potential to spawn one of the biggest botnets ever, security experts have warned.

  3. Thankyou for sharing this information it will surely sweep away the problem.

  4. it's been two days since the Conficker scare and thankfully it looks like most people have emerged unscathed (myself included)

  5. Thanks Robb! I'll update this post to make sure people don't miss it : )

  6. Good info Johanna. If interested, we did a live podcast today on TechWiseTV on this subject if you or anyone else is interested: Safe!Robb