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Cisco at CES: Key Themes from the Show

Day four of CES and I’m still standing-barely. I feel like I haven’t slept in days and my knees are permanently locked in place from standing in our booth all day. As expected CES was hectic, but not as crazy as it has been in past years. I saw a few funny things…this guy certainly looked like he was having fun. A couple observations from the show:1. Display technology continues to advance. Panasonic featured a 150″ plasma that has 2-3x the resolution of today’s mainstream HD TV sets. In addition to getting bigger they are also getting slimmer. Panasonic, Sony and Samsung all showed off new displays that were less than 1″ thick. What most excites me about the new displays is that they are constantly getting better at displaying high quality video to consumers. I suspect that current flat panel sales will continue to do well and soon the majority of homes will have this technology. Check out the worlds largest plasma TV…2. Devices connected to the network continue to flourish. The CE industry is beginning to understand the power of the network and how it can help them create a better consumer experience from installation to the delivery of new services to the device.3. Advancements continue on the network side as well. A few cable companies announced new initiatives designed to deliver 100mbps to the consumer. This along with the fiber optic networks being deployed by the telecommunications companies is really opening up the pipe and the potential for exciting new consumer experiences. The network continues to evolve in the home as well. We are quickly moving to the 802.11N which will deliver faster speeds and better range. Particularly exciting is the dual band technology from Linksys that enables a person to stream high-quality HD video content throughout the house while also been able to send email, access the internet, etc. Visual networking experiences are highly dependent upon these technology advancements. The ability to deliver networked digital video to a range of devices combined with the consumers ability to participate in communities of people and communicaties of content is gaining steam and we saw examples throughout the show. show ends in a few hours and the attendees will board plans and return to their homes. I’m looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet…To learn more about visual networking go to: Wikipedia

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