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Cisco ūmi: Fooling the World’s Smartest Poodle

- November 17, 2010 - 3 Comments

The first time I used ūmi I had it set up in  a spare bedroom.  I was sitting on the bed and our family dog — a brown standard poodle named Murphy (why an Irish name for a French poodle? — as my son says, “he wasn’t born in France was he?”) came in the room and hopped up on the bed.

My first call was to our son, Jonathan,  who lives in an apartment in San Francisco.  As the screen lit up, he saw the dog and called out “Murphy!”  Now some dogs watch TV all the time and bark at dogs and animals they see on TV — not Murphy — he has never so much as glanced at the TV ….until now.

Murphy heard his name, looked right at the TV and recognized Jonathan.  He jumped off the bed, ran over to the TV, and gave it a sniff.  Obviously the TV didn’t pass the “smells like Jonathan” test, so Murphy figured if that wasn’t him, then he must be close.  Murphy ran to the front door and looked patiently out the window figuring “Jonathan must be coming soon.”

So if you can fool a standard poodle, I figure the quality must be pretty good … And the engineers have a great idea for the next feature … Smell-o-presence.


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  1. Wow, interesting! Has anyone else come across the same thing compared to this? I am curious where to find more responses on this matter…

  2. interesting observation!!

  3. This is a good look for muffin...