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Cisco ūmi and Ellen Page: Just-in-Time for the Holidays

- November 15, 2010 - 48 Comments

Cisco ūmi™ telepresence, a first-of-its-kind consumer product that brings family and friends together on your high-definition television, is now available at Magnolia Home Theater at Best Buy, and

You will now be able to see your loved ones and enjoy a video experience that is so clear, natural and lifelike, you will feel as though they were in the same room with you.

Today, we are excited to share with you our advertising campaign featuring Ellen Page, the star of “Juno” and “Inception,” and her friends using ūmi in their everyday lives.

Here is the debut of the first ad: Maiden Voyage.

Marthin De Beer, Cisco’s SVP of Emerging Technologies, has compared ūmi to a piece of fine “chocolate” and said you have to experience it to believe it and now you can!

A Cisco ūmi mall tour started at the SF City Centre Mall this past Friday and will travel to more than 20 major malls across the United States this holiday season, during which you will be able to experience live ūmi demonstrations.

Also, look out for our “Get Together Tour” vans that may be travelling near you. The mobile tour will travel the country and provide trial opportunities at sporting events, concerts and other venues and special events.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and Cisco ūmi brings you “home” for the holidays!

Congratulations to Cisco ūmi 50 for 50 winner from last week- Vorawat! We will be contacting you via email to give you your gift card!

Here’s the $50 Visa Gift card question of the week. Please comment with your name, email and in 50 words or less. Sweepstakes for this period starts from today until next Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 11:59PM PST. We will announce the winner next Monday, at 9:00AM PST with the next opportunity to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. For official rules, please click here.

Tell Ellen….who is one person you wish you could see using Cisco ūmi and why?


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  1. she's so adorable. and a great actress.

  2. Love the commericial! Ellen is amazing!

  3. love the commerical tweeting @waterbluffy would love one

  4. Id message my girlfriends father and ask for her hand in marriage.

  5. Dear Ellen, I would love to see my fabulous mom using Cisco Umi. Why? Because I love to talk to my mom, seeing her eyes and expression would comfort me when I need some "Mom tell me things will be ok" time. And seeing her smile would be amazing besides just hearing her voice, when I call home just to say Hi. And lastly, because my mom still doesn't know how to use a cell phone or a dvd player, so it would be amazing to see her use Cisco Umi. Love you mommy dearest!

  6. Oh, Ellen is so awesome! I would love to see Reese Witherspoon using the UMI!!

  7. It would be awesome if my sister Rie in Japan can see us celebrate christmas this year. She had been staying there in Japan and never had a chance to come home during christmas. As christmas is not that a big holiday in Japan, It would really be cool for Sis to "be" with us for the forthcoming holidays.

  8. I would love to see the Dalai Lama using Cisco ūmi to spread peace and love throughout the world over this holiday season!!

  9. I wish I could see my brother who passed from AIDS when I was 10. I would tell everything that's been going on since he's been gone and tell how much I miss his presence in my life and how much he meant to everyone who knew him. That would be awesome.

  10. Clear, natural and lifelike. I'd like to see the cast of Modern Family. They do "talk to camera" and are so expressive. High Q score. Rabid following. Great engagement.

  11. I am in California and wish I could connect and see my brother and his wife who are expecting a baby any day in India :)

  12. I wish I could see family in North Carolina, as we don't get to travel and see them enough.

  13. I would message my family in Seattle. I just moved to NY with my husband and had my first baby and I know my parents would love to video call and see their first grandchild growing up, the unconventional way.

  14. Hey Ellen! I'd love to see my best friend in NY using Cisco UMI. I miss her so much. Hoping Santa brings us each an Umi for Christmas, it definitely sounds like the next best thing to being there! Can't wait to experience it.

  15. I wish I could see my mother-in-law Linda because she hasn't seen her new grandson Dominic. They live in Florida and we live in Indiana and we are lucky if we get to see them once a year.

  16. I would like to see my son who is on his third deployment to Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. He has been gone for 8 months and was supposed erheto be home for Christmas. We recentlylearned tht his deployment has been extended until Fenruary. He has missed both of his boys birthdays, his birthday, his little brothers heart trouble and his 6th wedding anniversary. It would be so nice ot be able to to see him soon!

  17. Hi Ellen!I would love to talk to my Dad on the new Cisco UMI!This would be a great way to communicate when there are so many things going on in life to find time to talk and feel like you really connected.

  18. I'd love to use Cisco to keep in touch with my dear friend Ann. We now live about 6 hours apart and our kiddos are growing up so fast. I would love for our kids to grow up together.

  19. I wish I could see my grandmother. She's getting older and can't travel as freely as she likes to. She is my only living grandmother and I don't get to see her as often as I would like. I miss her :-)

  20. I would like to see my daughter, Megan. She recently graduated and got a real job and will not be able to come home for Christmas.

  21. Ellen- the first person I'd like to see when I buy me a ūmi is my three year old niece in Spain! She just started school and I miss her so much. I'd like to BE THERE when she needs help with her homework or wants to tell me about her friends and how much she loves her teacher. Looking forward to this day... Cheers, L

  22. Ellen, You rock! I would love to see our grandchildren’s faces in England when they open their Christmas gifts. They are growing so fast, and we are missing way too much being stateside. It’s hard for them to know us by pictures and an annual visit. Love you kids!

  23. I would love to see our own Corporate leader, John Chambers have an fun Umi meeting! Perhaps w BILL gates? John Travolta? President Bush to promote his new book and Umi? Someone fun~ a comedian???

  24. I would like to see my parents, brother, and sisterwho are back in India. My sister has a 7 months old son and I would like to see every little thing he does, that she tells me on phone. I always wish I can see him growing up every minute.

  25. I love Cisco UMI. i wish that the poor childrens who cannot afford the education can have to b use an UMI. with interaction with teachers and the new way of quality teaching.Just one step ahead for poor children which makes world..and sure CISCO is doing this in great success.

  26. @ Mrugesh Patel - Nice idea! =)

  27. I would love to see my mom. 2000+ miles away.

  28. WOW! This is great! I have the best husband in the world. This Christmas I would like to surprise him . I would like the cast of Two and half Men to say hello and Merry Christmas using the UMI. Thank you, Donna

  29. You know who I want to see!

  30. Santa Claus

  31. I would love to see Ellen first. After that I'd like to see Pierce Brosnan, Gary Oldman and Ted McGuinnly (sp) having a heated argument about poop.

  32. Really Ellen was amazing..Thanks a lot for sharing this nice stuff...The product was undoubtedly having higher qualities...

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  34. I am in kansas and wish i could see my family and brothers and connect with them in new york. Ps3 Red Light Fix

  35. very niceee

  36. Hey Ellen: On a completely unrelated thread...I was in the hospital recently, pretty sick and on a weekend our hospital had a skeleton staff. Getting meds on time and pain meds regularly was like pulling teeth. And then Juno came on. I loved it, but more importantly, my nurse came in to kick back and watch it because she loved it to. Long story short, I got my meds on time and (more importantly) my Demerol on time. So, I dunno, thanks for being so cool.

  37. I would tell everything that’s been going on since he’s been gone and tell how much I miss his presence in my life and how much he meant to everyone who knew him. That would be awesome.

  38. Est-il possible de s'inscrire à une newsletter sur votre site? Merci

  39. Cisco is awesome, learned about you guys through 24. Every since I've been seeing your products everywhere!!!

  40. I'll have to give Cisco umi telepresence a try, getting closer with family members is a great idea. Ellen page is a great spokesman, her movies are great and she has a natural charm. I will definitely keep an eye out for the “Get Together Tour” vans, I'd love to participate.

  41. WOW! This is fantastic! This Holiday I would like to surprise somebody. I would like the cast of Friends to say Whats Up and Merry NEW YEAR! Ellen rules. Thank you, James

  42. with it millions mile mean nothing. good job Cisco

  43. Once more time I´m surprised nice job, I sure we will make the most of.

  44. It might be like a fine piece of chocolate but do I regularly want to pay premium prices? I don't regulary buy hand crafted chocolate! Do you really think my whole family can afford to have yet another box under the TV? In the meantime I think our family will buy an Xbox and Kinect. It may not be high def but it works with Live Messenger. Plus we get to use it to watch netflix and play games on it.

  45. I am looking for such type of informative news and i get through this blog so i am very much thankful to you for sharing such a great information.

  46. Wow, what a piece of kit this is. Anyone know when this is available in Europe? External Hard Drive Deals

  47. I wish I could see family in North Carolina, as we don’t get to travel and see them enough.

  48. I wish I could see family in North Carolina, as we don’t get to travel and see them enough.