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Cisco ūmi $50 Visa Gift Card Question of the Week + Last Week’s Winner!

- November 1, 2010 - 45 Comments

This is the prime time for sports fans to watch their favorite teams from the NBA, NHL, NFL, College sports and the 2010 World Series.

How many times have you been watching a sports game on television and jumped out of your chair to say to an athlete “Defense! Defense! Defense!” or wished you would meet your favorite athlete to tell them how you have been watching them for years!

Here’s the $50 Visa Gift card question of the week. Please comment with your name, email and in 50 words or less. Sweepstakes for this period starts from today until next Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 11:59PM PST. We will announce the winner next Monday, at 9:00AM PST with the next opportunity to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. For official rules, please click here.

QUESTION: If you could talk to any athlete of all-time using Cisco ūmi telepresence, who would it be and what would you say? (Remember 50 words or less and please make sure your comments are appropriate).

Congratulations! The winner from last week’s question “If you could talk to Graham using Cisco ūmi telepresence, what is the one thing you would tell Graham that he ABSOLUTELY cannot live without in his 420 sq. ft apartment?” for the $50 Visa Gift Card is David S. We will be contacting you via email to send you your prize!

His answer:

“French Press… Doesnt take much room, great for coffee and tea. Boil water with that great microwave and brew up a cuppajoe. Great for sipping while in a philosophical discussion with that person on the other side of the umi. No waste, less expensive than Fourbucks coffee, and very tasty.”


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  1. I would talk to Lou gehrig. I would tell him about all the wonderful innovations and things that are available in todays times to help people with Lou Gherigs disease.

  2. I would talk to Tim Duncan - and I would ask who his hero is!

  3. Dan Marino - Question: Do you think you retired too early? twitter: @SurfARoni

  4. I would like to talk to Tim Tebow because the only Gator game I ever got to go to was the loss to Mississippi which he apologized for. I would like to thank him for the apology and let him know I do not hold it against him. After all it is a team sport. I would like to wish him the best of luck in the NFL and salute his integrity.

  5. I would choose Lance Armstrong - and I’d simply say - Thank you for your strength and inspiration, your amazing performances provide millions with hope.

  6. Brett Favre: What posses you to string out your career, essentially avoiding training camp, for these extra years beyond your initial retirement? Essentially all you've accomplished is the tarnishing of a great career and obvious hall of fame membership. Also, are you coming back next year?

  7. I would want to talk to the Williams sisters (Venus and Serena); both because they both were trained under the same person and have the same style of playing, along with being mega tennis stars! My kids play tennis and are upcoming stars (I HOPE, lol!), and I would ask Serena and Venus Williams, how did they deal with the pressures of playing tennis as African Americans in a sport that is dominated by Caucasians. Not be offensive, but they have dealt with many facets of racism and people in the public. This would be good advise to my kids, who are also African American.

  8. Chris Levis, I love his world records

  9. Brandye Conley - what drives you to such success?

  10. Lance Armstrong. Going to Kona in 2011 !!!

  11. I would love to talk to Pete Rose and ask him who he looked up to when he was a kid and if things were different where does he think he might have became a coach for the REDS

  12. I would talk to Ryan Howard. I'd ask him what happened in the playoffs? Not just with him, but with the whole team. I was really looking forward to seeing the Phillies in the World Series again.

  13. I would talk to Bruce Lee and ask all about his thoughts and philosophies on Jeet Kune Do and life. I find him to be an amazing person and his teachings inspire me.

  14. Hi zoya,much interesting. I really like such different posts which gives something different and quality.

    • thank you Sid! It's really fun to hear everyone's responses. I love it!

  15. Drew Bress: To whom will you dedicate the victory of the XLV Superbowl?

  16. Jay Cutler. I would ask who is his role model and how is he learning from his mistakes in NFL

  17. Tiger Woods when he was a little boy -- ask him to show us his golf swing via Umi.

  18. I'd talk to Serena Williams and ask her what it's like having the nearest competition in your sport be your sister.

  19. Lisa Leslie, what does it feel like to be called the female version of Micheal Jackson and be such a role model for all little girls who love the game of basketball?

  20. Pao Gasol: Do you have the courage and endurance of Rick Fox? If invited to join Dancing with the Stars next season, will you say 'yes'?

  21. Brian "The Beard" Wilson He is a newly minted World Series champion and the funniest man in sports! He could show me how to groom my beard and barber up a proper Mohawk. Or we could discuss our tattoos and our mutual appreciation for all things San Francisco!

  22. I would love to meet Venus/ Syrena Williams. I would ask them do they feel that their presence has made an impact on African American Women in sports.

  23. Michael Jordan and I honestly have no idea what I would ask him. I would just tell him how much I enjoyed his career since I grew up in his hometown.

  24. I would talk to Earvin "Magic" Johnson on umi because I grew up seeing that brilliant smile of his up front! I would tell him that I grew up watching him play in the Showtime era of the '80s, and that he always made my day happy when he led the Lakers to a win!

  25. Andre Agassi, I would say "thank you" and tell him how much I admire him for using his celebrity to give back, to educate, and to inspire so many young people. Then, I'd ask him to give me a tennis lesson! LOL!

  26. I would talk to Tim Linecum. I would ask him; "What did it feel like to strike out 14 Atlanta Braves Batters in October this year?" Also; "What did it feel like to go from the minors to the Giants and win the World Series?" What an amazing pitcher.

  27. I would talk to Babe Ruth and aks him two questions. 1: when he points out to the left field, was he saying that is where the ball was going or if that was the location of the bar he was going after the game was over 2: I would teleport him a Baby Ruth and ask him if he enjoyes the candy bar named after him and if it was okay it was acandy bar and not something else . if so what would that something else actually be

  28. Michael Jordan. Simply the greatest athlete

  29. I would talk to Babe Ruth about the "curse" and tell him that "The Curse of the Bambino" was finally over when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004

  30. I would like to talk to Andre' Agassi and tell him that I think he is doing great things with his money and career after his retirement helping children and I admire him very much. Also I enjoyed watching him play tennis throughout his career!

  31. I would talk to Larry Byrd and talk to him about the game of basketball and how has it changed since he played

  32. Valentino Rossi, Italian professional motorcycle racer. How does he remain so humble, dedicated and passionate after all these years? I admire his tenacity and knowledge of his own limitations, but also his ability to push boundaries with confidence. Just a fascinating man, with a tremendous and wonderful talent.

  33. I would love to met Syrena Williams i think she is a great player and person to be around.

  34. I would talk to Lance Armstrong.What was the one inspiration that gave him the willpower to come out of a deadly disease like cancer and become a cycling legend?

  35. I will ask David Beckham: Are you really good at football? Or, is it more a show-biz for you?

  36. I'd wanna talk to Michael Jordan and ask him how life is now! After winning and losing his dad and his gambling problem how is life now?

  37. I would want to talk with Michael jordan after he chose to leave the sport he loved to go take a chance in baseball. I would want to know how he came to the choice and how hard was it.

  38. Definately Usain Bolt - the 100-meter and 200-meter world record holder sprinter! I would ask him what it is like being such a rock star track and field athlete in such a small place as Jamaica. (I might also ask him a couple tips on how to improving my sprinting!).

  39. Michael Jordan. He's the man!

  40. Michael Jordan! Love with Cisco!

  41. It is a bit late I know, and if you ever run the competition again please inform me, but to Jahangir Khan: How do you read your opponent so well>

  42. I would love to be honored to me syrena williams! Ps3 Red Light Fix

  43. Venus/ Syrena Williams (The Williams Sisters), "What would have happened had it been you were not best among your competitors?"

  44. David Beckham best football player