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Back to School but Still in Touch with Cisco ūmi!

- January 14, 2011 - 2 Comments

Oh, the weather outside is still frightful, especially with the recent nor’easter that’s sweeping through; nevertheless, college students across the country are preparing to head back to school after a long winter break. In the coming weeks, college campuses will reopen and Spring semester classes will begin. Your children may not miss you right away because let’s face it, spending weeks with your family during the college years is tough on any student. After a while though, they’ll yearn to see your face, and with an empty nest, you’ll yearn to see theirs, too.

How do you keep in touch with the kids when they’re 30 or 3,000 miles away? Phone? Close. Video calling on the Internet? Getting warmer. Video calling from your HDTV? Bingo! With Cisco ūmi you can check in on your future scholars by video calling them on your living room TV. If they’re out studying at the library or, dare we say, at a party, you can just leave them a video message and they can call you back later. (Note – this is a perfect way to embarrass them if they watch the message with friends in the room!)

Want to try out Cisco ūmi to see how it works? Check out the dates and locations for our ūmi mall tour. We set up ūmi booths in major metro area malls so you can experience the new way to be together firsthand.


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  1. Hey this is great! So is India on the tour-list??

  2. Hi When my antiquated country rolls out fibre to the home, ūmi will be a very exciting product to utilise. However, I feel that Cisco are missing a trick with regard to one of its advantages/sales points. The internet is a fantastic resource, but I as a worried parent among billions of other concerned parents, are becoming increasingly concerned with the likes of grooming of our children on chat rooms. There is also another far more likely risk. Peoples inhibitions and moral standards become lower when participating on chat rooms/social network sites. My wife works with children with regard to issues at school. She has many cases where children are suspected of performing lude acts over the internet. I feel that ūmi can provide a more visual/human experience that I should imagine would put children off performing inappropriately, and more like they would face to face at school. Or I could be just another paranoid parent!!