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A ūmi Engagement: $50 Visa Gift Card Question of the Week + Last Week’s Winner

- November 8, 2010 - 25 Comments

The following post was contributed by Frank, one of our Cisco ūmi beta users.

It was one thing to hear about my niece Sarah’s engagement… was quite another thing to see it live from Greenville, South Carolina – piped right into our family room in Saratoga, California.

With ūmi, I was able to see details like the glitter of Sarah’s shiny ring and how my niece – who just yesterday was joining “Brownies” – was beaming with a distinct glow.

I learned that only hi-def “Cisco ūmi” can broadcast and show a sense of “radiance” pouring from Sarah as she talked about the engagement to Noel.

Maybe now we can call these “ūmi-moments”?

Here’s the $50 Visa Gift card question of the week. Please comment with your name, email and in 50 words or less. Sweepstakes for this period starts from today until next Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 11:59PM PST. We will announce the winner next Monday, at 9:00AM PST with the next opportunity to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. For official rules, please click here.

QUESTION: Tell Frank one moment in your life that you wish you could have been part of using Cisco ūmi. (Remember 50 words or less).

Congratulations! The winner of the $50 Visa Gift Card from last week is Erik Beltran. We will be contacting you via email to send you your prize!


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  1. It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have diffused. Just continue composing this kind of post. I will be your true reader. Gives Thanks once more.

  2. Winner?

  3. When would the winner be announced? or did I miss out on the announcement?

  4. When i get Cisco ūmi, i will go on holiday in Greece ;-)

  5. I wish I could have been able to attend my two daughters high school graduation. However, I was overseas in Iraq at the time. Still photos are great but it would have been amazing to have been watching all live. Both my daughters had recieved scholastic awards as well and I had to wait days to get work via email. (bad dad moment) Can you tell me if there is a vendor in north florida so that I can purchase and install this equipment prior to heading to Afghanistan. Sure beats the heck outta skype/yahoo or anything else out there. v/r Mark

  6. I wished I could have had the Cisco umi back when my son was born. He had to stay in an incubator in intensive care after I left the hospital. How wonderful it would've been to have seen him up close while I was at home unable to sleep, calling the nurses on the hour to check up on him. Technology is awesome!

  7. I wish my parents could have seen more of my son when he was growing up. Because they lived so far away they missed most of his childhood. It would have been nice for them to see each other everyday and celebrate special occasions such as birthdays

  8. I wish I had umi so I could have had been a part of the 75th birthday celebration of my Grandpa, and enjoyed with rest of the family. I could not make it because I was full-term pregnant.

  9. Tie. Please choose: 1)My daughter's birth. I was alone and delivered her myself. My sister, her Godmother wanted to be present. I could have used her or my sister-in-law nurse! 2)I could have used one to say goodbye to MY loving Godfather on his deathbed in Ecuador.

  10. I wish I could have seen my daughter's face when my son-in-law popped the question.

  11. 900 miles away, my son told me he was suspended from school and arrested. If I could’ve seen him via Cisco umi, I would have seen this for the joke it was and not had a heart attack. I can’t read his voice, but I can certainly read his face!

  12. I wish I had one when my first son was born. My dad was in Korea at the time and he missed it. or now that I think about it when my second son was born my dad was in texas at the time. My dad traveled for a living and he missed a lot of special moments including Proms etc.

  13. I wish I would have had this technology 2 years ago so that I would have had the opportunity to see my father one last time before he passed away.

  14. Living 600 miles away from family and friends, there are many moments I wish I could have been part of using Cisco Umi, but my biggest Umi moment would have been my best friend's wedding. 20" of snow in Raleigh shut down the city and prevented me from going.

  15. My trip to Japamala, Malaysia

  16. With umi, i can connect family, friends, collegue around the worlds. Coz sometimes, voice and pictures are not enough. umi can help me saving cost of traveling, speed up my works, keep up my relationship. What i could says more? WOW! I just want one of this in my living room.

  17. When i get Cisco ūmi, i will talk with my girl 24/7 who is currently at Japan

  18. It was Christmas 2009 and I was across the country from my family and friends for the holidays. I had to share the Christmas hours later over the phone instead of being able to see everyone opening their gifts with excitement and glee.

  19. When my son was born it was out of the blue and I was stuck in Brighton and couldnt make it. Ended up celebrating in the casino.

  20. I have two awesome little girls, 4 and 2 years of age. They love dressing up and dancing and singing songs that they make up and Cisco umi would have made this moment unforgettable to share with the Grandparents.

  21. My younger brother is getting married in Jamaica this coming June 2011. My 91 yr old grandmother will be too elderly and frail to make the trip from PA to Jamaica. If we had a Cisco umi, it might be the next best thing to being there and would mean the world to her.

  22. I wish the day we brought my son home could have been part of using Cisco umi because I have so many relatives on the East Coast that could not be here to see him and that would have been such a joy to share!

  23. A bunch of my high school girlfriends are getting together this Friday, to celebrate the fact that we all had a significant milestone birthday this year. They will be in Cleveland and I will be here in Angels Camp, California. It would be great to be with them via umi.

  24. When my son was born, my dad couldn't make it to see his grandson until the next day (I live about 3 1/2 hours away from my parents). I would have LOVED to introduced him to his first grandson via Cisco Umi. It would have made that special day even more perfect!!! And I am sure he would have loved it, too. Pictures only tell half the story!

  25. Recently a life-long friend of mine moved out of state, got engaged and I was unable to make the wedding. I with I was able to see them on their special day and give them my wishes face to face, via umi.