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87% of Consumers Want Networked Devices

Read a very interesting article by Carol Wilson posted on Telephony Online regarding consumer interest in networked devices. According to a study commissioned by Accenture that surveyed 600 global consumers described as “heavy users of digital devices and services” 87% believed that most digital devices, whether portable, in the home or in the car would be networked. Biggest concern…managing the interoperability of devices and data. The research concludes that consumers are looking for some form of a control panel that would serve to integrate devices and experiences. To read the entire article go to: “Consumers want networked devices — but whose network?”This poses an interesting question for the role that the network can play in managing integration across devices.

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  1. This is kind of a misleading title. Shouldn't the title be more like 87% of a relatively small minority of consumers want networked devices"""^0^1^^^0^0 11730^6473^Mike Kisch^^^^2008-09-30 21:21:36^2008-09-30 21:21:36^"Chris,The actual post does clarify that this is a heavy user"" group and not representative of the general population. Clearly these early adopters are feeling more pain because of their multitude of services and devices and therefore have more interest in some sort of solution. Over time more mainstream consumers will have similar challenges.Thanks for your post.Mike"
  2. It would be interesting to see how representative that segment of heavy users of digital devices and services"" is. I'm guessing that MP3 and DVR and Digital Camera penetration is approaching 40%. So maybe this segment accounts for 15-20% of consumers?"
  3. In general early adopters account for about 15-20% of the total consumer population. In research that we've conducted around the concept of networked devices we see the range of interested"" buyers between 12-25% depending upon different product concepts. Obviously the hope is that the product will eventually connect with mainstream consumers and access the remaining % of the marketplace."