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Can you see your doctor while at work?

In today’s society, it is really easy to ignore one’s health. Today, I found out just how valuable it can be to have medical care available to me on campus. Here at Cisco, we have about 60 buildings on campus and in a day full of meetings, I walk or drive to the other buildings as needed. There are times when I am so busy that I choose to ignore that cough or yearly exam. And, at what cost? Do I choose to get in the car and drive to my doctor which is 45 minutes away and take at least half a day off with productivity compromise? In the old days, I would say “No way”!

So, today, I joined the ranks of the immediate gratification generation. I found out how to gain access to care in such a way that it allows me to keep working when I need to do so. We have a clinic here on campus named Life Connections ( Unfortunately, I learned the hard way just how valuable it can be!

I was walking from one building to another and happened to fall. The klutz in me tripped over my pants leg and I fell. I thought I had broken my wrist and could not wait to see the doctor – not to mention the bleeding. Without a choice to delay, I went to Life Connections. Do you know that I was in to see a doctor, had an xray, picked up medication and had pre-scheduled physical therapy visits all within 45 minutes?!!!! And, with access to the network and my work, I could catch up on the email and emergency requests from my leaders while I was in the care suite waiting for the xray to be read. What a breeze!

Lesson learned? Health care and wellness can be achieved and balanced through a busy work life. Who knew!  Has this happened to you?

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