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Top Ten Ways to be Greener through Better Networking

- January 23, 2009 - 6 Comments

A very worthy recent posting by the Sierra Club offered a Top Ten list of ways to work greener. It can be found at reading this Sierra Club entry, I was reminded of a presentation I first did back in September, 2007 at the inaugural Green IT World Expo. The presentation, offered in many forums since, was titled — The Top Ten Ways to Be Greener Through Better Networking. For those network and IT managers out there working to attain their own sustainability goals, I offer this posting as an add-on to the Sierra Club’s sound words of advice for the individual worker.I will say this right up front… I work for Cisco Systems. However, nowhere in this blog entry do I “sell” you on Cisco networking products. Rather, I offer the following Top Ten list in order to stimulate thinking around using your network to better green advantage — in your own work habits and in your organization’s business and IT practices. Top Ten Ways to Be Greener Through Better Networking10. Collaborate remotely — Use your network to leverage the collective knowledge of not only all your employees, but also your partners and customers. 9. Visually communicate — Use your network to deliver video efficiently and effectively. It’s all about the quality of the experience for the participants. 8. Work wherever — Use your network to deliver the performance and security necessary to ensure full productivity no matter location. 7. Streamline the network — With apologies to Lite Beer from Miller… Less Devices. More Services. The key is to deliver more services from fewer devices 6. Avoid E-Scrap — Extensible platforms, software-driven services, shared and reusable components all extend the life of our networking devices. 5. Recycle Equipment — Components can be reused. Material can be recycled. And look for those trade-in discounts! Never send gear to a landfill, again. 4. Extend Network Impact — Given that the network touches everything these days, it makes sense to drive efficiencies from IT to buildings to cities… 3. Deliver and Control Power — Remember when our phones were powered by the phone network. It’s Back to the Future via PoE and energy controls! 2. Make Every Resource Count — The network breaks down barriers — physical and logical. From the data center to work areas, virtualization applies. 1. Change the Flow — For the greatest green gains, match new technology to new processes. In this connected age, no process should go untouched. If you’re looking for more details behind this summarized Top Ten list, the full presentation is available. Email me and I would be happy to send along a copy — a softcopy, of course… in the name of green. As with this blog entry, I promise the presentation’s focus is not on Cisco products, but rather networking best practices that support your green efforts.

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  1. very good top 10 ways for a Green IT initiative! It will be great if you can share the presentation with me. Thanks

  2. very good top 10 ways for a Green IT initiative! It will be great if you can share the presentation with me.

  3. Thanks for the interest shown by many people in the more detailed presentation. Anyone who would like a copy, feel free to email me directly at

  4. Liked your top ten list. Would greatly appreciate it if you could send a soft copy. Thanks!

  5. Hi mark What is your mail ?

  6. I appreciate this top ten list. Please e-mail the soft copy and thank you in advance.