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Cisco Energywise – Welcome to Green IT 1.0

- January 27, 2009 - 18 Comments

Today was a very good day. Guppies everywhere take note.With a little hype we announced the first energy management application in the IT industry using the network as the platform for monitoring and controlling infrastructure. Cisco EnergyWise was announced today at our Cisco Networkers event in Barcelona, Spain. This announcement represents many months of development within Cisco and from key partnerships to address energy management at scale. The scale in this case refers to Cisco networks, we have a few installed. The solution comes through normal IOS upgrades. Now, currently installed Cisco products can become well, energy wise, get it?Joking aside, existing Cisco products can now act as the aggregation point for energy consumption data from anything with an IP address. Proprietary reporting…problem solved. In its first iteration and with the help of an agent, EnergyWise can also shut it off. Proprietary shutdown…problem solved. But what about automation you say? At the risk of sounding like a Ginsu commercial, yes it does that too. It allows for policy-based management. Part of the policy is the ability to put different classes of infrastructure into different power states (10 power states in fact), then correlating this process with time of day type policies. This gives you a scalpel where only a club existed before.It also allows for a cloud-based approach to controlling energy allocation to assets through tagging. This improved approach to network management not only simplifies on the existing model, it now includes energy as a controllable element. The implications of this approach we have announced today are massive. There has been no real technology option to date that offers the scale and ubiquity of this approach. A single control plane, standardized measurement, automated control, open and across Cisco IP-backbones globally are all elements of our approach. As this approach matures it will provide more and more visibility and control into facilities infrastructure like HVAC and lighting through our acquisition of Richards-Zeta today. The technology from this acquisition will provide broad protocol conversion and mediation capabilities into building management networks.Perhaps the biggest impact this technology implies is the ability for a wide range of users to “take the grey out of green”. Using this platform allows users to commonly report on their energy use, correlate it to C02 and take action to improve it. All this is done across globally pervasive Cisco networks. Now, corporations and governments alike can approach energy management in a whole new way.Welcome to the future of Green IT, ubiquitous energy management for the masses. Here is a video from the developers of EnergyWise sharing their thoughts on its development.We are of course looking for early adopters, both users and partners so if you have an interest in delivering energy as a service using this approach then please comment and indicate your interest. We will not publish your details if you so indicate.Stay tuned to this blog as there is a lot more coming down the pike on Cisco’s approach to energy and how this tool can provide big savings in a down economy. As mentioned in earlier posts we ballpark Cisco will save in the realm of $30M USD (kWh savings) by deploying it across our enterprise. This will be the first active reduction tool we employ (shutting things off) to meet our public commitment of a 25% absolute reduction by 2012. Care to join us?

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  1. Hi Nicolas,Thanks for the comment and interest in providing beta feedback for our management interfaces. I will pass over your details to the product management teams. I think we have a full house for the first round but we will be scaling these interfaces quickly so hopefully we can get you involved in the next round.Thanks again Nicolas.

  2. Hi Howard,Sorry for the delayed response. You can find this detail in the configuration guide here:'ll find the area you're looking for under the Setting Up the Domain"" section.Let me know if this works out for you?"

  3. We are interesting in interfacing our product with Energy Wise. Can someone please contact us thanks!

  4. Hi,I am interested in understanding more how you will interface with lighting / control systems. i would like to have our Noemon / Fyes-Fibus automation systems be able to interface with energywise as i can see this as a merging point of technologies. How do we go about developing an interface with energywise enabled devices. Mike

  5. 4500 support is available with 12.2(52)SG and 12.2(53)SG, both of which are posted on CCO.Sachin

  6. Hi Joe,It is available today to pilot as IOS 12.2 (50 & 52 SE). The covers the Cat2&3K; series. We don't have a definitive date yet on the 4500 series but I can tell you that the product teams for the 4500 series are working on it now.I would think we should see that version of IOS available on the 4500 series in the next 3 months. However, keep an eye on the official EnergyWise homepage for official launch details at would typically recommend starting with monitoring first, then move to control once you're comfortable with it. Thanks and let us know how it goes.

  7. Hello...I am interested in piloting EnergyWise in my enterprise environment on Cat4500 switches. Can you let me know when and if it is available?

  8. Hello Robert,I know that EnergyWise is mainly marketed through your Channels. I am interested in doing sales and business development for this product line.With Whom would you recommend that I visit to discuss my skill sets and how I can match up to build this product. If you could respond to the email address, I would be gratefulPatrick O'DonnellNational Software Sales Professional

  9. The EnergyWise MIB can also be downloaded from this direct link:

  10. Robert and for anyone else interested, the EnergyWise MIB can be found here:

  11. Hi all,I'm very interresting to test this product, seems great and very interesting for the planet and the business.Please let me know if you need beta tester for the GUI, I'll be very happy and motivated for.ByeNicolas

  12. I would like to work with Cisco on open protocols for power measurement and monitoring.Please contact me at, and see the website.

  13. Where can I get the mib details for energywise? I couldn't see anything obvious except for power-ethernet-ext-mib in the supported mib list at is no detail on anything except the cli that I can find. What happened to the API details for the alleged manageability over tcp?

  14. Hi,I am very interested in creating a GUI similar to those shown in your demonstration. Do you have any details for the MIB at all?I can see a few cew*"" entries on my switch.Thank youHoward"

  15. Thank you, that helps. I will stop my hint for a GUI :)

  16. Hi,I'm interested in creating an application to manage an EnergyWise environment, I've been able to query and graph results collected from a 3560 with IP Phones connected using the SNMP OID's I've found by walking the MIB. Are there any docs or manuals that may be able to guide in setting the values on the switch correctly or is it a case of 'trial and error'?Thank youHoward

  17. Hi Wambura,Thanks so much for the comment. I'm sorry if the material isn't clear. I'm one of the leads in the video above.I think the best technical overview of EnergyWise can be found in this paper if you hadn't had a chance to look at it. EnergyWise feature is available in our Catalyst 2k and 3k switches due out in the next few weeks.The basic concept is to organize our switches into a cloud model and control the power of attached devices via that cloud.The features and functions of EnergyWise are available from the CLI and SNMP - in the first phase.The GUIs in the video are concepts that we are both researching and developing, at Cisco and with our partners and may be available in future phases. Right now EnergyWise can be managed via CLI and SNMP.I hope that helps! John

  18. Hallo,I have spent hours reading and watching Energywise material and I still do not get it.I understand that it is available through IOS upgrade. However, where do I find the GUI management console that you use in the video? Is that a download? What is it called and where can I get it. We would like to test the product before we pitch it to our customers. Please advise,Wambura