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Rethinking Energy from Multiple Perspectives

In my blog last week, I mentioned Smart Grid, a complete reworking of the electrical grid, which is being undertaken by utilities, government entities, and concerned businesses alike. Here, in the United States, Cisco is partnering with key organizations to pilot Smart Grid projects. Just this week, we announced one such effort with Duke University. But energy isn’t something that is just a US priority—it’s a global priority, as well. A coworker of mine was telling me about Robert Swan, a polar explorer who is galvanizing the young and not-so-young from all over the world to make cleaner energy more of a priority in their lives. It’s a movement, really. One of his quotes, as shared with me by my coworker: “If everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.” I believe that couldn’t be more relevant to the green issue. We all need to be thinking about it from our own perches, our own areas of expertise. When I checked out this guy’s site, a quote from one of the videos made me pause: “According to projections, even with increased conservation and efficiency, our demand for electricity globally will nearly double by 2030. “When you consider something like that, you can’t help but realize how important every effort is — it all counts. What are your thoughts? I’m interested to hear what other green innovations are going on out there. If you’ve heard about something that you think makes a difference, please comment here.

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