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EnergyWise Timelines & Green IT

A quick overview on some of the progress being made in San Jose on EnergyWise. As you will hear we are taking a staged approach as there is a lot of ground to cover. It’s too early for us to offer exact milestones but this interview will give you a sense of the scope we are considering in our development. As Matt Laherty often says, we are laser focused on “smart loads” at scale in the near term. This is close to our space and the technology we develop for smart loads will be directly extensible to “smart grids”.This video was taken by Rich Miller who writes for Data Center Knowledge and has a great YouTube site that has a ton of content related to data centers and energy. The Green train keeps on rolling with energy and carbon being the first resource management areas. This was the hot topic for the show Rich and I attended in San Francisco in March where the video was taken. The GigaOm GreenNet show was well attended and… Read More »

Unanticipated Consequences of Virtualization

Virtualization is a new tool in the data center efficiency tool box. When used properly, the virtualization tool rewards the data center owner with reduced costs and efficient data center operations. If the tool is used improperly, unanticipated consequences can occur. Like all tools, virtualization should come with a warning sticker and like most warning stickers, individuals rarely take the time to read or understand it. If the virtualization warning sticker is ignored, the IT operational penalty can be steep. Read More »

Cisco’s Product Efficiency Calculator

Part of building the business case for getting Greener across your infrastructure is the un-sexy task of calculating electrical and thermal efficiency. Well we’ve tried to make it a bit easier for you with a new calculator. You can find it in the planning tools section of the Efficiency Assurance Program. We put this together to help estimate a baseline for where your network(a) electrical efficiency is today. You notice we are saying electrical efficiency, not Green, not even energy efficiency. This tool provides you with the actual operative electrical efficiency of Cisco products. It also shows you the annual cost based on your kWh rate.We’ve gone with exposing electrical efficiency of our products because it is a metric that is not in dispute. It’s basic physics. You will notice for each product, power supply efficiency curves are exposed. These efficiency curves are related to how efficiently our products use electricity. No fancy, padded variables here, just the facts. Measuring the electrical efficiency of Switched-mode Power Supplies (SMPS) is one place you can start today if you want to compare products. I would invite you to encourage vendors to expose these curves publicly as it will drive the industry to be more energy efficient.We’ve tried to make it clear that we believe the largest energy efficiency gains happen at the systems level. However, for those tthat… Read More »

Green Switches and Routers: What Crayons Can Teach Us About Networking Devices!

I look into my daughter’s crayon box and, besides fond memories, I find many shades and hues of the color Green. I look at networks and networking devices (That’s what I do!) and, once again, see many shades and hues of Green. How do you select the best possible Green — the one the drives the most positive environmental impact? With crayons, it’s easy. Look at what you’re drawing and pick just the right Green. My youngest daughter does this with ease in only moments. With networks, it is not nearly so easy or straightforward. You are not trying to accomplish (draw) one thing. You are trying to complete an entire network picture that best represents and properly supports all of your Green IT and business efforts — not just one or even some. So how do you go about picking the right device that best helps you complete the entire picture? The following offers a logical progression of judgment criteria that is aimed at fully evaluating the impact a specific networking device will have on coloring your IT and business the most complete and effective shade of Green. Read More »

Should Green Be a Factor In Your Decision to Update Your Network?

According to studies, the primary reasons why organizations update their networks are (in no particular order) systems obsolescence; service shortcomings; cost containment; business shifts, and strengthen security. Many organizations cite all of these reasons for driving network refresh efforts. Some may only cite a few or even a single one as driving their network update. With rising energy costs, business reputations at stake, and increased regulatory activity, it’s high time to consider adding “improved environmental stance” to this list of primary reasons to update your network. Let’s consider some increasingly important evaluation criteria that drive sustainability gains, as well as business benefits. Read More »