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Greening your Data Center – New Book

Not sure if you’ve seen it yet but a great book for anybody trying to define what a “Green” data center means and take steps  towards migrating to one.  I’ve known Doug Alger for about 4 years now, he is a Solutions Architect within Cisco IT.  Doug does is a rare breed, he has a strong facilities background but is employed by an IT operation.  Doug often jokes that if Facilities and IT departments had no issues in planning and management, his job would go away.  I was privileged to provide technical editing for this book and from what I know in the industry, I believe it is the best work today in providing a resource base to build upon.

Since there is no such thing as a Green Data Center today (in a purist sense), this book addresses what steps you can take and what standards are their to move towards one.  This is a great book to not just read once but refer back to in building your plan.

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Higher Education Goes Green with Cisco TelePresence

As often is the case, institutes of higher education are at the forefront of innovative ways to solve problems.  Melding technology and sustainability is a natural area where they’ve taken the lead: read the cover article in the current issue of EDUCAUSE Review.

I’m here at the EDUCAUSE 2009 Annual Conference, where some of higher education’s best and brightest information technology thinkers meet and collaborate about ways to enhance and extend learning.

A lot of them have adopted Cisco TelePresence, not only as way to create new educational and business models, but also as a way to be more sustainable. 

The more conventional way to be sustainable with Cisco TelePresence is to reduce travel between various campuses.  Take a look at what conference attendees had to say about that in this video:


But there’s another twist.  

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Everything But the Cocktail Party: COP15 and Cisco TelePresence

One of the inconvenient ironies of hammering out a global climate change accord is that assembling delegates from 192 countries in close  physical proximity tends to spew thousands of metric  tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

But that face-to-face is so necessary, and not just because of the language and cultural barriers inherent in international discussions.  Negotiations on climate change can be contentious:  agreements have considerable impact on national economies and rates of growth, and they touch emotional hot buttons around the fair distribution of responsibility between industrialized and developing countries.  It’s a bit like a holiday gathering of a large, extended, and occasionally dysfunctional family.

You know what I’m going to write next:  Cisco has a solution, and it has something to do with telepresence technology.

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People Power: Smart Grid is About More Than Just Smart Technology

*Posted by Rob Aldrich for Jenny Carless, contributor to News@Cisco*

The smart grid is not just about smart technology – it’s also about how people use that technology to be smarter about their own behavior.

Business and municipal leaders have figured this out, and they’re addressing a critical piece of the climate change puzzle: empowering consumers to help reduce global warming by being smarter about their own behavior.

Smart Meters

As part of my research for a recent article about Smart Grid Strategies for a Global Marketplace on News@Cisco, I interviewed Kjartan Skaugvoll, vice president and general manager of Sales at Nuon, a Dutch utility company. He feels strongly that consumers can play a big part in addressing climate change, and he’s really enthusiastic about how smart meters in people’s homes, connected to an intelligent electric grid, can help educate people about their energy consumption, so they can make changes in their behavior accordingly.

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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

In the 1980s, there was an American television show called The A-Team. The lead character in that series, ‘Hannibal’ Smith (played by George Peppard) had a catch-phrase that turned up in most episodes: “I love it when a plan comes together.” That’s what I like about working at Cisco–you get to see the plans coming together. 

Flash to last February, when we launched Cisco EnergyWise. Most analysts and press were very positive. Cisco EnergyWise was seen as innovative because it took advantage of this simple fact: Networking is so ubiquitous that it touches every part of a business. Why not exploit this to give the network more relevance, and solve bigger problems than just passing packets? And this was just the beginning.

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