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Cisco’s Product Efficiency Calculator

Part of building the business case for getting Greener across your infrastructure is the un-sexy task of calculating electrical and thermal efficiency. Well we’ve tried to make it a bit easier for you with a new calculator. You can find it in the planning tools section of the Efficiency Assurance Program. We put this together to help estimate a baseline for where your network(a) electrical efficiency is today. You notice we are saying electrical efficiency, not Green, not even energy efficiency. This tool provides you with the actual operative electrical efficiency of Cisco products. It also shows you the annual cost based on your kWh rate.We’ve gone with exposing electrical efficiency of our products because it is a metric that is not in dispute. It’s basic physics. You will notice for each product, power supply efficiency curves are exposed. These efficiency curves are related to how efficiently our products use electricity. No fancy, padded variables here, just the facts. Measuring the electrical efficiency of Switched-mode Power Supplies (SMPS) is one place you can start today if you want to compare products. I would invite you to encourage vendors to expose these curves publicly as it will drive the industry to be more energy efficient.We’ve tried to make it clear that we believe the largest energy efficiency gains happen at the systems level. However, for those tthat…want to delve into the infrastructure, we have this tool. We’re hoping that this tool will accommodate that level of interest. We are also hoping to get some feedback on where our customers would like to see us take this approach:Does this tool have what you need today?What other features would you like to see?Are there additional products you would like to see included?Let us know if all this energy-wash marketing holds up to the level of detail we are providing here. It should considering I designed it based of my experience in performing electrical efficiency analysis of data centers in my facilities days. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you might use this and whether you think it would be a valuable tool as part of an active management tool (dashboard modeling plug-in?).If you agree that the larger savings happen at the systems level you can also check out the Green Data Center Model Calculator also found in the planning tools section of the Efficiency Assurance Program.We also have a total cost of ownership calculator for Unifiied Computing in the same section of the program.Thanks, let us know how we’re doing.

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