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Cisco EnergyWise Demonstration from Interop Las Vegas 2009

Over the past few months, we’ve offered a number of Ecolibrium blogs on the subject of Cisco EnergyWise, the energy management software available for Catalyst switches. This technology has drawn much interest from inside and outside the IT industry. We are proud to report that Cisco EnergyWise won the Best of Interop award in the Green IT category at Interop Las Vegas 2009. And at the Energy Camp portion of Interop, Cisco EnergyWise served as a great example of how IT’s impact can extend well beyond traditional computing services. Just as encouraging to us here at Cisco, however, is the attention Cisco EnergyWise is getting from within energy conservation and environmental sustainability efforts around the globe. We’ve even had more than a few CFOs interested based on potential savings on their energy bills. Clearly, we’re onto something with Cisco EnergyWise — and this is just the beginning!Some of our readers were able to see a demonstration of Cisco EnergyWise at last month’s Interop trade show in Las Vegas. For those not at the show, we thought you might like to see the Interop demo for yourself. Here is a short video of Berna Devrim, Senior Manager – Catalyst Switching, running though the Cisco EnergyWise demo at Interop…As you see in the video, this Cisco EnergyWise demonstration focuses on end user desktop energy management. This is a significant area of IT energy use, cited by The Climate group as accounting for almost 50% of IT energy costs. An automated system sure beats those yellow sticky notes that you leave on user desktops reminding them to turn off their computers and phones when they leave the office at night!

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