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During the past several months we have witnessesed a number of disaster and emergency response crises around the world including:

  • Tornados in Alabama
  • Earthquake and tsunami in Japan
  • Earthquakes in China and New Zealand
  • Floods in Australia and Brazil
  • Gas pipeline explosion and fire in San Bruno California

    When major disasters and emergencies occur, response organizations and government public safety agencies  require immediate communications support to save lives, establish relief operations and provide ongoing assistance in affected communities.  

    IP-based secure communications provides flexible capabilities for mobile emergency responders including Cisco TacOps.

    The Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) team deploys mobile communications technologies to help support emergencies in collaboration with first responders, government agencies, relief organizations, and others who require mission-critical connectivity to respond effectively.  Cisco Networked Emergency Response Vehicles (NERVs)  provide mobile capabilities including:

    Cisco and Cisco TacOps will participate in Urban Shield in Boston May 20-22nd and the National Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) in San Francisco June 20-23.

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