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US Government can lead in the Cloud

Dan Kent, Director, Federal Solutions and CTO, was fortunate to participate in Tech America’s   Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2) over the past 4 months.  The purpose of this commission was to identify roadblocks, document lessons learned   and make recommendations on how the government can increase the adoption of cloud computing.

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Virtual vs. Physical Interactions

In response to my post of the Chattanooga editorial, someone wrote to me that he thought that virtual communications would make physical interaction even more important.  I won’t go into the whole argument here, but note that this is more sophisticated than the simple comparison of virtual vs. physical interactions that many people have made.

Nevertheless, I did think that it deserved a response and here it is:

I think the Internet in its current form (texting, email, social media, etc.) is still an immature form of communications.  So the crux of the matter is not so much whether the current Internet will change how people interact, but how the ubiquitous video communications of the future will affect behavior. Read More »

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It’s about enabling the Cloud

It’s not surprising to me that with all the excitement about Cloud Computing and the constant press attention to Cloud and its benefits, every vendor is trying to rise to the top by claiming to be the most innovative Cloud provider or claiming many years of Cloud experience.

By not defining Cloud clearly or by mislabeling every service as Cloud, vendors are confusing customers.

Some examples include:

1) Dell’s failed attempt to trademark the term ‘Cloud Computing’
2) Microsoft’s commercials “To the Cloud”
3) Companies rushing to get a vanity URL name in order to get more visibility. Point your browser to

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Gigabit Network As The Base For Future Economic Growth

I’ve been working on a future-oriented economic growth program with the US Conference of Mayors and we have identified Chattanooga as a location to demonstrate some of these ideas because it has, by far, the largest and fastest deployment of fiber in any metro area in the US — enabling every home and other building to have a gigabit connection.

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Courts, Corrections, and Cuts: Is it time for Connected Justice?

I live in California where we are facing severe challenges in our economy and funding public services ranging from teachers in the classroom to courts and correctional institutions.  In San Francisco, cuts to 25 courtrooms and 40% of staff are underway to address the $13.75 million budget gap.   Longer lines for citizen services and delays up to 5 years for cases coming to trial are expected.

Of course, the economy is not only challenging governments at the state and local level but nationally and internationally as well.

Isn’t it time we use technology to help cut costs and deliver services that are more efficient?

A great example is the City of San Antonio Texas  sharing video across public safety and justice systems. 

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