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Cisco Field: What’s in it for Cisco?

SAN JOSE, CA – Yesterday at our headquarters building here in San Jose, our CEO, John Chambers, joined A’s owner and managing partner Lew Wolff, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, A’s President Michael Crowley and A’s General Manager Billy Beane in announcing a partnership between Cisco and the A’s which would result in a new stadium for the A’s in Fremont with the name “Cisco Field.” You can watch the full press conference here.ciscofield.jpgSo, what’s in it for Cisco? You can read the official Q&A on our website , but my .02 on what it is all about is this: The A’s are baseball experts, Cisco is the technology expert. Together, we are like peanut butter and jelly; Reese’s peanut butter cups; pumpkin pie and whipped cream; or (if you happen to be Elvis) peanut butter, fried bananas and bacon…together, we make the other better.From a technology standpoint, we are well aware that not everyone will want new, whiz-bang features at the ballpark, but all of it is entirely “opt-in,” so if you want a replay on your handheld device you can get it…however, if you just want the crack of the bat and the smell of recently mowed grass, you can just have that as well.Cisco obviously sees this as an opportunity to create a technology showcase at a stadium, treat a sports venue/team as an enterprise, and keep a ball club in the Bay Area. Wolff stated that if he couldn’t build a new stadium in Alameda county (home of Oakland and Fremont), he would likely have to move the team outside of the state. Cisco happened to have the land that the A’s were looking at and we came together to make more than just a land deal. Our CEO likes to say that we partner for life and with a handshake yesterday downstairs from where I write this, he and Lew Woff shook hands on a partnership that will create Cisco Field and keep the A’s in California. It was a good day for Cisco, a good day for baseball and a good day for Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

Political Hit Ad: “Vote for Jimmy Jones”

SAN JOSE, CA – This following hit piece on candidate “Billy” by Mr. Jimmy Jones is where our country is heading if we continue to micro-micro-target voters. The power of YouTube is evident and apparent in politics…even pre-school politics. Watch and enjoy.

Off Topic: Angry Old Man Rant

SAN JOSE, CA – Okay, I’m going off topic here, but WHY CAN’T CALIFORNIANS USE THEIR TURN SIGNALS???!!! I’m from North Carolina (home of Nascar) where you have to drive everywhere because there is little public transportation. People are nice there…at least to your face. : ) But, generally, people are respectful of their neighbors and surroundings. AND, turn signals aren’t optional. Car manufacturers put them in all cars and people actually use them. Why is it that turn signals are used so infrequently in California? Picture this (which happens all too often): I’m driving to work this morning and a car brakes right in front of me and then slowly takes a right turn. Perhaps this person has two broken wrists or has a sincere phobia against turn signals, however, in either case IMHO, they should not be driving.Please, PLEASE, fellow Californians, for the sake of safety (and sanity) USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS!!! Many of you have likely seen the new Lexus commercials where the car will parallel park by itself. Maybe the next advanced technology feature of a car should be if you think you are going to turn then the turn signal activates. Don’t get me wrong, the turn signal that never is turned off while driving is as bad as the turn signal that is never used, but, really, is it that difficult? Respect your neighbors, respect safety and USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS!!!This entry brought to you by an angry old man.angry man.jpg

What Will a Democratic Congress Mean for Technology?

SAN JOSE, CA – So, Senator George Allen (R-VA) has just conceded his Senate race and the Senate will now be under Democratic control. He was a solid supporter of techology issues and his efforts on behalf of the technology industry will be missed. He and Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) were two of the 11 votes in the Senate Commerce Committee that effectively killed Net Neutrality (regulating the Internet) efforts in the Senate. As they will no longer be in the Senate, what will this mean for Net Neutrality and other technology issues?It should be stated that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is interested in technology policy and introduced an “Innovation Agenda” last year, so there certainly is leadership in the House for technology. Silicon Valley’s own local Members of Congress, Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren and Mike Honda, will now be in the majority so let us hope that some of the items that Mrs. Pelosi has outlined will be accomplished. Now that Mrs. Pelosi is soon to be Speaker-designate Pelosi, will her home state’s technology industry have more clout in Congress? Same can be said for Senators Boxer and Feinstein. We’ll have to wait and see. However, in a recent BusinessWeek article, Mrs. Pelosi said that Cisco CEO John Chambers will likely be one of the industry leaders that she will “consult regularly” with. So, hopefully, the technology industry will be well represented within the new Congressional agenda.For some opinions on “What will Democratic Congress Mean for Technology?”, please go to National Journal’s Technology Daily “Tech Daily Dose” blog.Also, Scott Cleland’s Precursor blog has some good thoughts, as well as Verizon’s Poliblog.

Pepper v. Cerf on Net Neutrality

SAN JOSE, CA – Cisco’s Robert Pepper debated Google’s Vint Cerf today in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 Summit and by all accounts the debate was a draw. Given the fact that it was a very friendly crowd to Cerf’s side of the argument (i.e. pro-regulation of the Internet), this is definitely a victory for those against Net Neutrality (i.e. anti-regulation of the Internet). Reports are that Cerf was a bit surly and agitated (and even “bristled”) by some of the arguments, although he got the most applause by attacking Cisco…not sure why, as I think we’re a good (and nice) company, but to each his/her own.Maybe Cerf is agitated to be advocating for a position based on where he is sitting rather on where he stands. Clearly, when he was at MCI, he was anti-regulatory, but, hey, he knows where his bread is currently buttered.Anyway, there is a good write up on ValleyWag for your reading pleasure.Also, please see a previous blog entry where I surmise that Vint Cert and Robert Pepper may have been separated at birth.