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The announcement today of OpenDaylight is big news.  Industry leading companies are partnering via Open Source to serve an emerging set of market needs:

OpenDaylight members understand that the industry will grow fastest if there is a recognized venue to interwork everyone’s code. They also understand that there can be many ecosystem winners here — winners chosen based on competition for new end-user value.

This ecosystem will extend beyond the Data Center.  OpenDaylight Controller and Service Adaptation code is equally applicable to Enterprise and Service Provider markets.  Therefore you should expect future code contributions in areas which today are not even associated with SDN.  In fact, we expect a much broader ecosystem to spring up around OpenDaylight with companies providing services, support, tools and applications built on or around OpenDaylight.

From Cisco’s point of view, its founding membership status, its contribution of Controller code, its funding, as well as its dedication of Open Source developers demonstrates its continuing industry leadership and the expanding role of Open Source in Cisco’s software strategy  Put simply, we are reiterating our commitment to:

We are proud to play a role in this next evolution of the industry.

There will be ups and downs as OpenDaylight moves forward.  But the foundations of OpenDaylight are sound.  Controllers are sure to grow in relevance to the network if for no other reason that the explosion in virtual devices demands new operational paradigms.  With this announcement we have made a real step forward in serving these needs.

So what are you waiting for?  Learn more from Dave Ward’s post and  get over to OpenDaylight to find out how to contribute!

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