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WAAS Up at CA World?

Liad Ofek, Cisco Technical Marketing Manager for Cisco Wide Area Acceleration Services (WAAS)Next week at CA World, in addition to what I expect to be an excellent keynote and some other sessions, Cisco will have a series of presentations at our booth, in a theater we have set up. The booth is #410, near the entrance, on the right. One of our featured speakers, Liad Ofek, will present four topics you won’t want to miss. Liad is a Technical Marketing Manager in the Cisco Application Delivery Business Unit which is the home of Cisco WAAS [Wide Area Application Services].

Here’s his schedule:

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Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1 – A visualization and troubleshooting video collaboration management system

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager is the industry’s first product to take advantage of a powerful mediatrace diagnostics capability that provides end-to-end visibility, and performs path analysis and quick isolation of video issues, including specifics about session and network-related issues. Mediatrace’s ability to provide detailed visibility and critical performance statistics helps with faster isolation and resolution of video problems. Read the full blog.

The Aluminum Falcon and Turning Security up to Eleven on the ISR

Suzuki Hayabusa Turbocharged compared to Cisco ISR web security with Cisco Scan SafeFor years, I rode a Suzuki Hayabusa, a hypersports motorcycle with a very large engine. Felt like Han Solo’s (he shot first, you know) Millenium Falcon when you opened the throttle – instant, strong forward movement regardless of speed or gear. Open throttle and you are heaved down the road. Thus, I had to name the machine something. It was a grotesque bronze color, so for a while I called her the Copper Rhino, but eventually I settled on the name Aluminum Falcon (Hayabusa is the Japanese name for a variant of the Peregrin Falcon) as a good play on the name Hayabusa and also because the intake system set up a resonance in the upper midrange that reminded me of the warbling cry of a Wookie.

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Device Proliferation, BYOD, and Security

It started with the iPhone and really picked up with the iPad. Silver haired gents in corner offices brought their new precious to IT and asked to “get on the network” or “get their email on this.” In the past, IT was able to mumble something about unsupported devices and how a random user who brought a random device was out of luck. After all, they had tested solutions in place, nice things like Windows Mobile and Blackberry, solutions that worked well with Enterprise infrastructure. These new things might be better at Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies, but the whole BYOD/Enterprise interaction was an unknown and thus a threat and a risk. Poor IT guys got trumped though, silver haired guys said jump and eventually the answer changed from “not supported” to a more career preserving “how high?”

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The Right Network Can Help You Build for the Future

A network built with next-generation technologies helps you stay competitive, save money

A network that’s built with the future in mind can meet changing demands, such as expanding to new locations, supporting mobile workers, addressing new security threats, and an increasing number of devices. The right network will also support future technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and bandwidth-intensive applications such as video and voice. The benefits of building a network that can grow with your business are many.  Read full blog.