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Medianet at CA World ’11 in Las Vegas

Cisco's Michael Dybka and Ulrica de Fort-Menares demonstrate medianet at CA World 2011
Cisco’s medianet demonstration at CA World 2011

Cisco was a platinum sponsor at CA World 2011 that occurred Nov13-16, 2011. The medianet team had a booth and a session presented by Ulrica de Fort-Menares, TM100SN Enhancing Video and Application Experiences with Cisco medianet. Thank you all who stopped by our booth and watched Ulrica’s session. [For those of you who didn’t make it to Vegas,]…we demo’d the recently released Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1… medianet capabilities like performance monitor and mediatrace …and IPSLA Video Operations. Read full blog.

Medianet Heating Up Russia

Cisco won the Breakthrough Technology award in the Business video category from Open Systems magazine. Open Systems magazine is a leading and one of the oldest periodical editions in Russia, devoted to complex IT infrastructure and information technologies. Cisco was recognized for its medianet innovation.  Read full blog.

Cisco UPOE and the Art of Saving 2x the Power Output of Hoover Dam [Infographic]

When someone mentions Power over Ethernet (PoE), what comes to your mind? If you are in IT, you may think about powering IP phones and wireless access points over the network. However, did you know that you can now power a whole new range of devices over the network with Cisco UPOE, including virtual desktop terminals, IP Turrets for financial trading, compact switches, personal telepresence systems, and more?

But how is this connected to saving energy? Read More »

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WAAS Hot This Week: Getting Rid of Repeats

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 16th, we’re having a live webcast, “Getting Rid of Repeats: How Cisco DRE Helps Optimize Performance”,  going over the technical details behind the advanced caching technology in Cisco WAAS Context Aware Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE).

Show hosts Noam Syrkin WAAS expert (and recent video datasheet star) and Jimmy Ray Purser of Techwise TV fame give an “under-the-hood” review of this new Context-Aware DRE technology, as well as a look at how this and other technologies within our WAN Optimization solutions are bringing big opportunities to the enterprise network.  Read More »

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WAAS Up at CA World?

Liad Ofek, Cisco Technical Marketing Manager for Cisco Wide Area Acceleration Services (WAAS)Next week at CA World, in addition to what I expect to be an excellent keynote and some other sessions, Cisco will have a series of presentations at our booth, in a theater we have set up. The booth is #410, near the entrance, on the right. One of our featured speakers, Liad Ofek, will present four topics you won’t want to miss. Liad is a Technical Marketing Manager in the Cisco Application Delivery Business Unit which is the home of Cisco WAAS [Wide Area Application Services].

Here’s his schedule:

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